What Does “In Adam All Die” Mean?

What does it mean to be “in Adam”? As in Adam all die.?
1Cor 15: 22For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.
What is ‘in Adam’, and what is ‘in Christ’? Can you give some illustrations of things which are ‘in Adam’?

I wish to go much deeper in this, but don’t quite know how to ask what I want to bring out. There is something much deeper about being in Adam or Christ, than what we have always heard. Everything, in life and in Scripture is either in Adam, or in Christ. for instance, the law, was/is, in Adam. It is not in Christ. Hence, everything of law is in Adam = death. see? Under law, or Adam, he ruled over Eve. this was the beginning of being in Adam. They left off listening to God or being in Christ, and went into carnal flesh = Adam.
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If Adam brought death, then Adam had to be the serpent who deceived Eve. She was not held responsible. He was. So it was his idea, not hers. So when God said, He shall rule over you, he showed they had left GRACE and went into bondage, or law, which is to be in Adam. Adam and Christ are those two trees, one is life, the other is death, see? So when one is under law, or bondage, they are in Adam, not in Christ.
So to say a woman cannot teach, is being in Adam, and is death, or OT. To say that in Christ, there is neither male, nor female, makes it very clear that the two are not the same. If there is neither male nor female, in Christ, then to make that distinction that she cannot and he can, is to be in death or Adam = OT law, see? In Christ, by the baptism of the holy Ghost, we are ONE, OR EQUALS. The only means of being placed into Christ, is by the baptism of the Holy Ghost. ..by One spirit are we baptized into one Body, or Christ. So then, this is the only way to LIFE.

(more to come)

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