Are You A True Christian?

It is beyond my understanding how a person can claim to be a Christian and yet defy everything that God commands and go about setting up your own ways.
Yes, Adam/satan did it from the beginning and all of you who still hold to all the lies connected with your evil xmess are denying the entire truth of God.

You have no true Christianity. your own ways are the ways of destruction.
Not ashamed to stand alone and stand for the truth of the Living God.
I shall go now and read some more of the powerful true Messages that My precious God gave to me.

btw, Isa 9: 6 was not fulfilled until Acts 13…and Romans 1:4…they day God raised Jesus from the dead. That resurrected CHRIST IS THE HOLY CHILD THAT GOD GAVE US. HE IS OUR LORD AND OUR NOT; NOT MARY’S BABY.


What a pitiful thing it is when grown people, use gifts, to deceive innocent children into this DEVIL WORSHIP….called xmess…which has always been in honour of idol gods, called sungods. Is there even one soul out there, who can and will listen to the truth?

I praise my God today, for opening my eyes, and setting me free from all the foolish and pagan, devil-worship holidays. So thankful my life does not revolve around such foolish and worldly junk, parading around in ‘sheep’s deceptive clothing. Jesus Christ is NOT CONNECTED WITH ANY OF THIS JUNK. so, folks, be honest and stop pretending it is any birthday of Jesus.

It is truly a sickening shame and SPIRITUAL ADULTERY, to see folks equating this DEVIL WORSHIP IDOLATROUS HOLIDAY with Jesus Christ. You all have no idea at the evil you are doing, and yet you REFUSE TO RECEIVE CORRECTION. You care not that it is forbidden by God and has not one thing to do with Jesus. It falls on deaf ears. Your love for heathen frockling blinds you to God’s truth.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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