Great Truth

Did you know that there is only one true Church mentioned in the Word of God? That is the Apostolic Church in the Book of Acts. No where else in God’s Word is the conduct and teaching of the true Church of God taught.
It is not in Paul’s church letters. It is not in the Book of Revelation. Paul said he was the Apostle to the Gentiles. He wrote the the seven Gentile churches. None of these were the true Church of God. The seat of Satan was in those churches. Law ran those Churches.

Grace ran the true Apostolic Church. EQUALITY is the mark of this true CHURCH. If another true Church of God is ever on this earth …IT WILL BE RUN BY GRACE…….WHICH GOES ONLY BY —-EQUALITY.

Men and women are EQUALS. All are MINISTERS. All recieve the revelation and are required to teach it to others.

you will find just as many women active in the ministry of that Apostolic Church as men. There was no difference.

Only in Gentile, law-run churches, are there any distinction in men’s and women’s roles. It is not in the TRUE CHURCH OF GOD.

God sees all of his children as the same.

you cannot change this. You are in the church of which Satan is the head. [if his seat is in the church, then this means he is its head]

He hates women. Jesus did not. God does not.

Eve was never placed under Adam until they had sinned. that was punishment for BOTH OF THEM.

Jesus did away with that to the people in His true Church = grace = equality.

Any church//person, who denies daughters of God this equal liberty are out in the darkness of carnality. So is everyone else who takes this kind of stand against the DAUGHTERS OF GOD.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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