Tree of knowledge of good AND EVIL.
A mixture of truth and error.
God hates this mixture.
It all began other side of flood, as Adam instigated holidays for his own worship.

So, anyone with even a tiny grain of sense could see through this…. how can the many lies about a santa, bringing toys to kids and flying reindeer, etc. even come close to mixing with the True Jesus Christ?
A horrible mixture.

God’s word clearly shows us to avoid this evil. Yet it has in its grip all churched folks.

it has in its grip all the worldly folks. But God hates it and will destroy all who try to mix this evil with his Son, Jesus Christ.

You best drop one or the other. either cling to the truth and good tree or go all out for the evil. stop lying and pretending this evil is of God.

Stop pretending to be a Christian and yet you spend your life bowing to these devil-worship . lying holidays.

Then they claim, I am a christian, been washed in the blood of Jesus yet I am still a sinner, sinning every day.
Another big lie, a mixture that god hates.

You hate truth so much you will not even read these true messages, yet you claim to be on your way to heaven.

This is a mixture that God will not overlook. You have heard the truth enough and refuse to repent of this your love for the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL…. so God will not accept you into his Kingdom. No evil can go there

when you mix a little LEVEN in with the dough, it levens the entire lump.
a little evil makes the entire thing EVIL. that is where you all are with your love for holidays….. not one Word of God mentions to do any of this mess.

so hate me all you wish…..I am one of the very very FEW TELLING YOU ANY TRUTH.

Jo Smith.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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