Do You Know Or Just Believe?

so, you are a ‘believer’?  How long do you intend to stay there?  Let us GO ON to KNOW THE LORD. Jesus said, he that BELIEVES, shall do greater works than I do.  He shall cast out devils, speak with new tongues, heal the sick, etc. do you believers live up to this?  are you really a believer?

Ok, fine if you are…BUT, go on to KNOW THE LORD.
Do you KNOW THE LORD?  THEN why do you BELIEVE?
You may think this is sort of crazy,  but think about it a minute.Do you have a daughter?
do you KNOW you have a daughter, or son?How many?do you KNOW?OR DO YOU JUST BELIEVE IT?
would you say, when a person asks you, do you have any children…would you say, I BELIEVE I HAVE ONE?
Do you believe that you have a sister?  or do you know it?
Would you say, I believe I have a mother.   or would you say, I KNOW I have a Mother?
We must move beyond BELIEVING.  That is not perfection.  Yet the ‘believers’ claim that they no longer need or can have the gifts of the spirit, for they were set to end….and then they add, with the apostles.  what grounds do they have for saying this?  NONE.
You ask them, do you have perfection, yet?  they declare NO.  Yet the word said, when that which is PERFECT is come  THEN you have no more need for that which is in part;  gifts of healing?  what is perfection for that?  No more sick people.
How can you say we no longer need or can have the gift of healing, so long as there are sick people?
It is total devilish doctrines.
Have you gone on to KNOW THE LORD?
If so, you are no longer a BELIEVER.I do not believe there is a God or Jesus.
Jo Smith

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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