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Lord have mercy. People, I was seen the devil at work tonight. I mean folks claiming to be God’s ministers, are full of satan…making mockery of God. and thousands of ignorant folks eating it up. I sat back in horror watching these utubes of satan’s ministers acting like mad=men, mocking Jesus.

If ever you got sincere with God, it better be now. there are so many wild, trashy lies out there, to deceive anyone who is not solidly rooted and grounded in truth of Scripture.
….and being led of the true Holy Ghost.

I am not going to name it, for many would run and fall right into the hands of these satanic folks, pretending to be of God.

and I warn you….they are out there,, in many different degrees…..all liars,,,,out to damn your souls….some of these maniacs are 100 degrees into insanity…and others, like the baptist and methodist who are so dead, they qualify only at a 1 degree,,,,but it all amounts to DECEPTION.,

the likes of benny hinn and his wife are out there at 100% degree of insanity and deception.

but those who qualify only at 1 or 2 % are just as deadly. they say…..all you need to be saved is just repeat after me…..’i believe”’…headed straight to hell fire…if you fall into this deception.

I had battle this week several times with one who thinks he is so up there with God and yet has not sought truth from Scripture..and I am telling you…these lies are damning to the soul.

If you do not seek truth ONLY FROM REVEALED SCRIPTURE, you are hell bound….for these delusions will get you.
william brannham came on the scene faking miracles and telling horrible, horrible lies against the word of God….and folks who thought they had the Holy Ghost
fell right into that trap of slime.

I cannot help it…God has instructed me…and I know I may sound like the lunatic to some of you, for you do not know the truth….but I have studied the Word of God all my life and God teaches me.

so I can only tell you the truth, as I did this person this week…..of course they think I am the ignorant one…but when they say…Jesus is the Word of God….and I say no he is not…
then they think I am the one blaspheming.
I say. .. you must eat his flesh…..then they claim it is not his body….but then they turn it right around and say,,,the word was made flesh and it is his body….
wham! delusions.

Eve did adultery with some animal…..wham…..big delusion…..voiced by the worst deceiver ever to live…..
wham….Jo is crazy….wham….but at the judgment…you will all have to admiT… had it right.


Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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