God Gave Me This To Give To You.

God gave me this to give you on this subject.

The ancient Jews had a misconcept – a ‘fairy tell’ view of how they expected the Messiah to appear. They had made up their own ideas of the matter. They did not receive true revelation from God on this. They had built it into a ‘dream’ tell of a ‘god like’ being coming down from Heaven and putting down all the other nations and lifting them back up as head over the nations.

God had not told them this. Their false ideas drummed it up.

Now the present day church has made up a ‘fairy tell’ view of the next appearing of Jesus. They did not get it as a revelation from the Word; their own false ideas drummed this up. And they continue daily to build this lie up and make it bigger and bigger. Never has the WORLD gotten into anything of this nature as the world has gotten into this lie of a rapture.

See, it has become big money – books (all lies) – movies (since when did God ordain movier? all lies)– and preachers being paid big fat salaries to tell this lie to more and more people.

See, they have built up a false expectation of the ‘appearing’ of Jesus, as the O.T. Jews had their false illusions of the first appearing.

It is just as wrong as that was. And know what? When God revealed to me that old Jerusalem is actually the ‘whore church’ today, I see it clearly. THEY those false Jerusalem jews are the same bunch carrying this lie of a rapture. They have distorted the truth of the second coming of Jesus till only a few will actually LOVE his appearing.

It is not — if we love the thought of his appearing — same as with them — it is will we love it after it happens —- will we love the way He actually does appear? I can assure you, the vast majority of church people will NOT. They will be moaning and groaning. For it will NOT be the way they are expecting.

See also that this church is still drumming out that old lie (because it is them in disguise) that Jesus will then put down all other nations and again set the Jews (natural) back up as head of the nations – see the same old lie. And I ask you why would a church tell that lie? Because it is them in disguise.


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

One thought on “God Gave Me This To Give To You.

  1. Those old Jews thought their messiah would come and set them up above all other nations and bless them above all other peoples.  They wanted earthly glory.  It just did not happen that way.  Did they love that first appearing of Jesus?  Nope.  They hated him and killed him for he was not what they expected and wanted.Believe it or not,  it will be exactly that same way with His second appearing.  This idol worshipping church today will hate his actual appearing and seek once more to destroy him.  Believe it or not.  It is true. 


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