For a good while now, I keep saying to God, throw her down.
Why? Because I see that the killery clinton is a modern-day jezebel.
This morning God revealed more of this to me
Bill is the Ahab.
See, for any who do not read the Word of God enough to know about this….Ahab was king of the ten tribe nation of Israel. He married a foreign idol worshiper, Jezebel.
She led him into much evil. she had him get a good man killed for his vineyard. 
she was very wicked.
A prophet, Elijah, prophesied that in the same field that Naboth’s blood was shed, that Ahad would also die.
…he said that dogs would eat the flesh of jezebel.

Along came a man named Jehu. They were all afraid of this man. they knew he was not of the ‘establishment’.
He looked up at jezebel, standing in an upper window.
he said who up there is on my side.
Two eunuchs looked down at him.
Jehu said to them, ‘throw her down’. They threw her down and her blood splattered on the ground.
Later Jehu came back and saw that the dogs had eaten jezebel.

So I keep saying, throw her down.
Well this morning God revealed to me that Donald Trump is our Jehu. He keeps saying throw her down.

who is going to throw her down? who is Ahab?
Bill has already been ‘king’ or president. He is the Ahab, just as wicked as they come, but allowing his jezebel to do her evil through his office.
Assange, the wikileeks man, is the EUNUCH who is going to throw her down.
There it is folks;
a perfect lay-out of that old wicked group. all the ‘players’ are in place….so it is a PERFECT TYPE…. we have the perfect fit today….already in place….

Donald, the Jehu, who was to be the next king.

jezebel, the witch….old killery
bill the ahab..wicked king

Assange, the eunuch to throw down the jezebel.

the folks who flat refuse to acknowledge the jezebel’s evil and help destroy her, are the dogs eating her flesh.

Jo Smith…

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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