Marriage By Larry

I am going to post what I said in a video on another thread. I want to do this because if anyone comments on this I do not want it to go to the thread that I originally posted this on. I just a few minutes ago tell my brother to look up look up to the bosom of ABRAHAM in others words look up and see God. I had not even seen this video when I said those words. 

God is confirming his words in these last days. On another thread, God was confirming his words to Sis Paulette J Smith and Larry Bray. People, we are just a few minutes before the 12k o’clock hour. The bridegroom is fast approaching. Is his bride ready? bride are you dressed for the bridegroom? Do you have on the dress of white? pure as snow?are you ready for bridegroom’s voice? are you ready to hear? 

Who then has prepared this woman for marriage to this man? are you ready to hear? “Her Father and I.” are you ready to hear the sacred, of all sacred vow? are you ready to join together with this man in holy matrimony? are you ready to take the GROOM’S NAME? are you ready to place your right hand in the hand of the bridegroom? are you ready to exchange rings with the bridegroom?

 are you ready to are you ready for the ring to be placed on your hand? are you ready to hear the bridegroom say, I do now take this woman to be my wife and to cherish and keep her the rest of her life? Now after all of the above, are you ready to hear this final words? I now declare you husband and wife, and now Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you Mr. & Mrs. ___________

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One thought on “Marriage By Larry

  1. Larry Bray…. I also would like to post this here too. If you sir don’t mind I had not looked at the video when I was talking about the time and I paused the video. When I was looking at some more of the video this man was talking about the time is short, the exact same thing as the man in the video said. He also said nothing like it, The same I said in a message and warned about a storm coming. not as seen before. I sent this message warning these churches but now it is happening in the natural. People this is happening in all countries. I did not realize it but as this man said…. earthquakes as never seen before….. fires raging everywhere… 3 storms in the Atlantic Ocean never seen before. There is a shaking going on not only in the earth but in these so called churches. The leaves are being shaken from the trees. The branches are being broken from the tree and last, the trees have fallen to the ground. As in the natural so is spiritual. The powers of the heavens are shaken. A reed is shaken with the wind. The people are worried about all of these coming on the earth: it is the same with these churches. As I was saying about the trees these churches are beginning to shake because of the foundation. I t was not built on the solid rock, which is the true Jesus. They brought up another jesus instead. There is going to be a great earthquake and great storms in these churches and it is happening in them now. They are as these great storms with their mighty wind. Well, their is also a mighty wind as never been as before. No, these winds of the storms that is happening now on earth will not compare to these spiritual winds. The heavenly winds will also blow a mighty storm of fire with these mighty winds. It is a mighty destroying wind and fire proceeding out of their mouths. These mighty winds are the two witnesses that God gave the power to. And fire proceeds out of their mouth, and devour their enemies. They are no more a dead body lying in the street o Sodom and Egypt where also our Lord was crucified. But thanks to God we arose as Jesus our savior did. Thanks to God spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet and this time there is no more warning coming out from this great wind and fire as never seen before. There is now only destruction. You who laugh and had made fun of the many warnings. There is fear upon you because you did not heed the warning and your house which was made on sinking sand and mire and you sink in the deep mire where there is no standing: and in comes deep waters, and the floods overflow you. These rushing waters will drown you because you did not heed the warnings that many times went out that there was a hurricane coming. Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink: let me be delivered from them that hate me, and out of the deep waters. Why oh why did you listen to the warning that went out with love why you could? Why oh why did not heed the warning when these witnesses said that troubled waters were on the troubled sea? Why did you not listen to the warning when you were told that you were sinking in the mire of the lies from all the churches? Why did you turn your back to us? Tell me why you our enemy instead of a friend? Tell me why did you not help us teach the true word of God? Why did you be like The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. Why oh why?


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