This world has no idea at the greatness of the man, Moses.  Secrets in the word of God have gone uncovered of all this.  But God has now revealed it to me.

what does it mean…. Moses ‘died’ and God ‘buried’ him?
No man knows of his grave today.
Michael and satan debating about the body of Moses.
What does God mean, by BURIED. 
Try Romans 6. 


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

7 thoughts on “Moses

  1. God baptized Moses on that mount, then raised him up to glorification.  Proof….his face glowed so much when he came down, that the people could not look upon him.  He had to veil his face for them.  When he went before God, he removed the veil;  but when he came back out to the people, he had to put the veil back on.  He was GLORIFIED.When he ‘died’ at 120, his natural strength was not weakened and his eye-sight now dimmed.  Why?  Because he had already been translated.  This is proven as he appeared in GLORY with Jesus and Elijah, on the mt transfiguration.  This is why no one ever knew of a grave for Moses.  He had died to self up on that mount and was taken by God, yet allowed to stay on earth longer.


  2. Freeborn,Speaking of Moses. Yes. He is a great man of GOD. But, Jesus is greater my friend..I am gonna ask you here. Why did Moses die? What did he do? I wanna see what you say. I bet it is the same thing I have thought for many years.  But the other day I had to go back and explain to some Muslims that asked who wrote the parts of the OT after MOSES died. See, I rebuke and correct everything I see. Their lack of spirtual understanding of GOD’s WORD is a little bit better than Christians. I saw the other day where Christians are doubtingthat Jesus rose from the grave. It is getting very scary my friend…We must stay in that WORD DAILY TO REBUKE AND CORRECT ALL FALSEHOOD.My computer is running so slow. Maybe soon I will have enough money saved up to buy another one.Love Ya.Tweety


  3. Hi, Tweety.  Thanks for giving your thoughts here.  We need to post to this and the other sites now, at least once a month, to keep them from being deleted.  I do not wish to lose these, not that we have an active board, but because of all these messages. I am now seeing that Moses did not die as we call dying.  He had died with Christ, according to Rom 5 and Col 2.  I truly believe now that there are three examples of God just taking people.  So that fully confirms it.This does not mean they are the only three.It merely shows us that there is a way to escape this mortal life, without going through physical death.  Three times is all God needs to say it to confirm it to us.Two times is enough, but God  confirms important stuff with three occurrences.  I know it says he died because of striking that rock the second time.  But again, this all ties in with NT revelation.


  4. Read the first chapter of 11Peter.   I believe this is telling us the way to move so close to Godliness, that we may escape this mortal death.  Truly we may leave our earthly bodies behind,  (then again we may not;  who knows)…Moses did not;but I have not gotten into this yet, it is just on my mind….but I think verse 11 is showing that if we do the above things he named, we may do as Moses and Enoch,…just walk right into glory.v11..For so an ENTRANCE shall be MINISTERED unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Now I am here to tell any who read this,  keeping your idols in your holidays will prevent your chances of acquiring this glory.


  5. Rest assured, anyone who doubts the resurrection of Jesus Christ IS NOT A CHRISTIAN.They may be church folks, but most of them have no idea what a Christian is.and you are being totally deceived by Muslims.  Wish and pray to God you can get free of this wicked religion.  It is of satan;  not of God.  Let all who read this hear me loud and clear…this violent, woman-hating religion is OF SATAN;  NOT OF GOD.


  6. I just finished reading that passage.  It does seem there that Moses died because of this trespass.  But I will continue to study this out and pray for the truth of it.  I still see the other also.  see, problem is, as I said above, our natural minds can see nothing but the NATURAL, as we see it in our bodies.  the spiritual mind, which has to be opened by God, sees things differently.   Thanks for bringing this to our attention.This is how God works and I love it.Jo


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