Satan Worship

Today, May 15, 2014, Today,  God showed me something.  All religions which have murdered in the name of their religion;  all religions or persons, who hate women, bad mouth them, hold them down, men who beat them, rape them, ministers or others, who say, women cannot teach, preach, or do other things, in service to God, are ALL IN SATAN WORSHIP.

All religions or religious persons, who murder in the name of their religion or god, are doing HUMAN SACRIFICE TO THAT EVIL GOD.

It matters not what they call their religion = catholic, islam, Judaism, or any others, all who murder or torture others, in the name of their religion or god, is into SATAN WORSHIP.

The true God and Jesus Christ NEVER DESIRE MURDER OR VIOLENCE.   it is satan who leads to violence and murder.

Satan has deceived this whole world.  So, anyone who speaks against WOMEN, or misuse women, or hold women down, are DEVIL WORSHIPERS.

It all began with Adam, who is Satan.   Satan is that old serpent.  Adam means a mean, low, wicked man or hypocrite.

Eve is the only person God called a HELP MEET. She is the MOTHER OF ALL LIVING.  Living means those who are born of God;  not those born of the flesh.

Until one is born of God, they are DEAD IN TRESPASSES AND  SINS.

So, Adam, or that old serpent, (one and the same), started all those lies against Eve.  Adam hated Eve.  Adam tortured her and many other evils against her.   I can prove all of this with pure Scripture.

Those who speak lies against Eve, have not one verse of Scripture to prove it with.  All they have is lies of Adam.

So all who speak against Eve, or women, are SATAN WORSHIPERS.

Satan had deceived this while world…. so almost ALL religions speak against women,  say they cannot preach or teach the word of God, or be apostles, or any such.   Now if this is true, then satan has NOT DECEIVED THIS WHOLE WORLD, for they all believe this LIE.

So if satan has deceived this while world, and they all believe lies against women, hold  them back, spiritually, then that has to be LIES.

If your ‘prophet’, preacher, or pastor, or priest or whatever, church, etc, says women cannot preach, and hold to the lies of josephus, against Eve, THEY ARE DEVIL WORSHIPERS AND YOU WHO BELIEVE THOSE LIES ARE ALSO DEVIL WORSHIPERS.


So who do you know that  is in Christ?  Very few.

By:  Jo Smith

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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