Seeking Proof of God

My answer to this endless question on Yahoo answers:

You who seek evidence of God and Jesus, are just blind. the evidence is all around you; everywhere you look you see his handiwork. No human being could have made grass, flowers, sun, moon stars, planets. So do you understand how all of this was made and still operates exactly as it has for untold zillions of years?
Do you truly understand the working of how fish mate and bear more fish?? birds? how did they acquire wings to fly? and bugs?

Oh you all are SOOOOO smart, and yet so dumb. So what exactly is a rainbow? who makes that? do you know what it feels like?

snow? could you make that? are you really so smart< or just self-deceived?

Well, I happen to know Jesus very well, as he lives in me and abides with me all the time. He talks with me and reveals much of his word to me. Sure he does.

But to you unbelievers and haters of God, He will never reveal a thing to you, so you will die in your ignorance and blindness.

The evidence is all around you, and you are too ignorant to see it.
So why bother trying to show you what you do not wish to know.

And those dummies who claim blind faith, …you are worse than the atheists…There is no such thing as BLIND faith.
If you are BLIND, you are also lost and in sin and darkness and know nothing. and are spreading lies and causing many to stumble at the glorious truth that the wind, clouds, and every living thing is solid proof of the living and eternal God.

If you claim blind faith, you are lost and a worker of Satan. Hush up. Stop proclaiming this lying message of satan. Faith without works is dead. If your faith does not produce the same works of god, as recorded in his word, you have NO FAITH.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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