Something About Law

talked to Larry today.  I had asked him a question, (on facebook pm)  He would not answer it.  He told me today that he thought I was crazy for thinking the thing.
Larry has NEVER said that to me before.  But after we discussed it, and the anointing took over and explained it to us, he agrees.

been reading all of Paul’s books and finished them all.  Now finished Hebrews and James.  into Peter.

I wondered why Paul gave the instructions to those ‘churches’ that he gave; seeming to cross the true teachings of the true Grace church.
I asked God about it.  came to me…Paul was setting up those 7 gentile churches in Revelation;  and the rules for them are different from the ONE TRUE CHURCH.  in this grace church, we are all ONE.

At first Larry did not think so.  But then God showed it to us….like as Moses, in Grace,  gave them the LAW, to bring them under condemnation.
Paul, being in the truth Church, but being the apostle to the Gentiles, had to set up those 7 mixed churches.  Satan, in the seat of them.

But he had both messages.  He had to instruct those churches, which had gone back to LAW, TO DO AS THE LAW REQUIRES.
But to the Grace church, we do not have the same  ‘LAWS’.


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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