The Two Sons

Date Posted:08/08/2011 1:31 AM

I am putting down just a few thoughts which God gave me. I am not making it into a message yet. but want to share this with you.

God had two sons, Adam and Jesus. The first he created as a perfect Cherub = a glorified man.

He made this Son to be a covering. Eze 28. this covering was to lead and protect the others and get them into the truth and glory of God.
God instructed this son/covering, not to take the people into LAW, for law is death. Law sets some over others and God did not want this to come into being. He wanted people to be ONE, or in total equality and harmony, as the God kingdom is.

but Adam became lifted up in pride and deceived Eve into going into the law and offering animal sacrifices to Adam in worship.

God then brought up another son, through the New birth, from the dust humans. He filled this son with the power of God, through the Holy Ghost and after Jesus proved himself faithful in all things, he then set Jesus to be the covering for the people. this covenant was Grace.

So we have two sons, which are two coverings, or covenants under which people come to God. God rejects those who try to serve by law, which is not love or faith. This is why law means death to those who serve by law instead of loving God and hating sin.

This is the covering which God said is not sufficient. it will not cover your sins. Animal blood has never removed any sins. God has never accepted this way of life.

Jesus is the covering of Grace and by which we can be cleansed, by his blood, from all sins and become new, clean creatures in Christ Jesus = a new creation. coming into the likeness of God.

So these two sons or two coverings or two covenants are those two trees in the garden. One is death. the other is life.

Choose ye this day whom you will serve; choose life or death; choose grace or law.
You cannot have both.

By Jo Smith…. August 7, 2011

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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