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  1. Freeborn,IN order to understand the second man Adam. They must carefully study the first man Adam. And most peopleDo not understand the first. But claim they know the Second man Adam. And you can’t know the Second Adam and not know the first.  And the first is not known either. So they only claim to know the second Adam. But they do not. So they know nothing. Now that is confusing. Just like them that do not know the first Adam, but claim to know all about the Second Adam. Let them try and figure that out! Ha ha.Love youTweety


  2. Hi Tweety.   that is a wonderful answer.I just now saw it.  too much going on.But wanted to tell you something that I just came to few days ago…..I know that everyone should know that Paul was referring to Jesus when he said, the second Adam was made a quickening spirit.   that has to be speaking of the resurrected Christ….Jesus, before his resurrection was just as ‘first-man, Adam’ as we are   =  humanity.BUT,there is another answer that I just came to understand:God first made the man, Adam, right?ThenlaterHe made the woman…..BUTGOD CALLED ….THEIR….NAME….ADAM, …IN THE DAY…..THEY……THEY ….WERE CREATED.SO, THE WOMAN WAS THE SECOND ADAM.  Do you see this.But then something happened ….when God brought her to Adam to see what he, Adam, would call HER…..Adam changed her name from Adam to Eve.He changed what God had said……to show that they were equals or ONE.God had made no difference between Adam and the female….they were both  ADAM.But Adam changed what God had said.   Adam called her Eve.   ….then he began telling lies on her and that has never stopped.The world lost sight of the fact that SHE WAS ALSO ADAM.She is also the second Adam….a quickening spirit….one with Jesus Christ….the ‘mother’ or originator of all LIVING.  She ‘mothered’ the people of God.  those who had a quickening spirit….more than just a living soul.It is a great revelation.  


  3. Freeborn,I was thinking about Adam too the other day. But I was thinking about the fact that he had domination over the birds of the air and such. But Adam did not have domination over everything. And remember what Eve said when Seth was born? “God had given her a male child to replace Abel. She did Not say us!I understand what you wrote. I often wondered about why he called them both Adam. Remember, when he changed her name to Eve? He already thought he was God. God is the only one that changed a person’s name from one name to another.See? He thought he was God right there when he renamed Eve. But he was right in naming her. She is the mother of All Living. And he saw that when he named her. Love you.Tweety


  4. Freeborn,You are not going to believe this. Never in your life.Look at Isaiah 43:10, Isaiah 44:6, Isaiah 44:8, Isaiah 46:9.Read those verses. And tell me what you see. We have read them so many times. And Did not see it. Hope you see it. I know you will.Love you Tweety


  5. I see it is all speaking of Jesus and his works.  there is a lot in these verses and would need to be explained, one verse at a time.  but it is wonderful scripture.  I see that God set Jesus up to be as God to us.  He is God’s witness, and we are his witnesses.the three stages of God’s dealings with man are here:  the other side of the flood;  ,..then the OT and church times of water  then river;  next the move of fire for cleansing this entire earth.thanks for the study.  it is a good one.  I truly like what you said about Emmanuel, Jesus’s birthing this second man, Adam.


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