Why Run To Church

This is an answer I wrote to a question, why do they need a fix every week, from church, if the fix is so weak, it needs to be that regular.  (I agree with the assessment)…

This is my answer, and it is so good, I want to share it here and with my facebook:


It is like a baby, on the breast. That baby cannot feed himself, so depends on mama for it. But there should come a time, when that baby grows up enough to feed himself. If this never happens, that baby has been stunted and is deformed, and will never be an adult; probably will not live long.

God said in Isa 28, to whom will he TEACH doctrine and to whom will he teach knowledge….those who are WEANED FROM THE BREAST AND DRAWN FROM THE MILK….
the milk of the word.
Grow up and eat the MEAT OF THE WORD.

This is just simply not available in CHURCH, the mama.

But there is a sickness with these ‘mama’s. they do not want their babies to grow up and learn to feed themselves and LEAVE THEM.

So they do not take good care of the babies, do not feed them anything but watered down sugar water…thus keeping them invalid babies, all their lives.

this is the truth, no matter how many hate it and deny it. It is the truth. babies, in church, never learn how to live by faith.. If they did, they would leave the mama and go out into the world teaching the truth, as Jesus commanded us to do.

Now, when I was a baby, in the Apostolic church, it was so glorious to go there and have that wonderful Holy Ghost bless me, shout me about, speak in tongues and all the rest…BUT.

I knew I was starving for the WORD. THEY DID NOT HAVE THE WORD TO FEED ME.

God had spoken to me in the Baptist church, and said, if you are going to be fed, you are going to have to feed yourself.
Later, he told me to leave that church and never go back. I obeyed.

Later, in the apostolic church, God spoke to me and said, if you are going to be fed, you are going to have to feed yourself.
Later he again told me to leave that one also.
So now, I do not run to mama for the breast.

I study the Word and God feeds me the deep meat of the word, I think it would be good if I could still enjoy the Apostolic meetings. But I cannot bear what I now see is not right with the Word.


But– COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE. Grow up. Outgrow the need for those teets. You need the meat of the word.

By: Jo Smith, 9/16/11

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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