One thing I am so thankful to God for…..that He gave me a LOVE for his WORD….
A love for his TRUTH.

As I look around at the many many things I see others post and fiddle with, that mean absolutely NOTHING…no food for the soul…no faith builder….no true spirituality…just nothing junk…

then I see how much His Word has given to me and built into me…..that my mind is on his Word, loving it, preaching it, teaching it, desiring more and more of it…

stuff that feeds my soul, gives me the greatest of joy and strength….not needing the pre-kindergarten made-up quotes that do no good except for a moment’s idol thought.

I mean not to be ugly to anyone…..but people, if you claim to be a Christian, GROW UP….the only way to do this is STAY IN GOD’S WORD….that means study the King James Scripture…
not some man-made book, or sermon…or sunday school literature or these foolish little quotes that fill up facebook every single day.

In the end, what good will any of it do you? I have to.
I have to teach what God gives me…oh
I know it makes me no friends….
but then, that would not be serving god, but myself, if I seek friends instead of obeying his Word and giving out his instructions to people who are dying from a lack of 

Why do you not care what Daniel really teaches? Why do you not care what the mark of the beast is?
why do you not seek to know what the seven heads are? etc etc.

Can you teach Eze 38 and 39? If not, why are you not seeking to know what it means?

Is God 1, or 2 or 3, or a huge multitude? is he a man , a son of man…a baby nursing his mother? a god in diapers, as I have heard mocker preacher say?

Has God taught you this or do you just accept what some ‘church’ or preacher tells you?

The answer is the latter for I have heard no one give the right answer.

Why do you bow to the alter of baal, (doing everything the world does),,, and thinking it is of God just because it has the name, ‘jesus’ over the door? Do you not know that it is the false jesus…which says, it is fine to do devil-worship holidays…. forget me days or years?

Knowing only what some foolish devotional says? Oh foolish lost sheep, why will you always refuse correction and begin to follow me, by studying the Word of God….(not me, but God speaking to you).

God gave me that so it will look like I meant myself….but God speaking in first person to me when he gives me prophesy.

Jo Smith.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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