The Dangers of Following Man

If we are to have eternal life, we must obey the New Testament method of salvation and worshiping God.
Jesus Christ is the ONLY person ordained of God to preach/teach the New Covenant.
All others absolutely MUST say only what Jesus said; what is written in Scripture.

When men rise up and seek to have a big name for themselves and a following, they are going to pretend to do many miracles, which are only faked.  (This is not to say there are no true miracles.  Sure there are…but.. every child of God has the same privilege and calling to have faith and do miracles.  If you can only believe them from some ‘wolf’, you are not being a true child of God).

When these wolves in sheep clothing seek fame for themselves, they are going to put down the ‘sheep’ every time, by leading them to believe that only this big wolf has the special calling of God.  They will tell these children of God, that they must come through some big MAN to get something from God.

But what says the Word of God?  Let us ALL come boldly to the throne of God.   We may ALL prophesy.  We may ALL receive revelation from God.
In fact, we are all COMMANDED TO DO THIS.

But lazy sheep do not wish to be put out and have to study Scripture for themselves.  So they accept this wolves lies.  It suits them, for they do not wish to be a minister, anyway.  But in so doing, they cut themselves out of the blessings and rewards from God.  I dare say it will cut them out of salvation, for it is NOT God’s way at all.

(I will continue this message in another post, for most folks will only read a few lines.  {wonder why they have no problem reading large novels, and watching hours of ungodly TV?})

By: Jo Smith~~~Feb 8, 2011

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

3 thoughts on “The Dangers of Following Man

  1. I know what I am about to say will be hated by many folks, but it is truth which God revealed to me.A good many years back, there was a baptist minister, who desired to be famous and have a great following.  This is that evil spirit of old Adam/serpent; saying I am God, worship me.Now the baptist church does NOT put forth miracles or faith healings, raising the dead, etc.  They flat deny all the power of God for our day.  Back in those days, many ‘pentecostal’ preachers were going  big and strong, as they pretended to be doing many miracles and healings.It was big business and they were getting rich from donations from ignorant folks who cannot discern spirits and who know not the Word of God.(Again, let me emphasize that I know miracles are very much for our day, but it is not to be used to lift certain ‘men’ up above the other children of God.  We are ALL ONE, means equals.)If your religion does not see all of the body of Christ as ONE, it is false.Now this certain baptist preacher claims that he ran into some Apostolic folks and they were having great blessings and moving of God.  So, this man sees right here a group of folks who will accept any man who claims to have these special gifts.  Since they have been held down in infancy, being taught that only a certain CHOSEN few have these gifts, these folks will be easily led into MAN WORSHIP.So this baptist preacher pretended to become Apostolic, for there were many  Pentecostal-type ministers back then, hitting the ‘jack-pot’ big, off these fake miracles.But as time went on, this same man, was now claiming to be an OT type prophet, (ignoring that the Scripture clearly reveals that those type prophets were ONLY UNTIL JOHN THE BAPTIST).He goes so far as to claim, or lead others to claim, that only those who ‘follow’ this false prophet, will be in the bride of Christ.Later, this ‘apostolic’ preacher, (turn-coat- Baptist), proceeds to KILL THE SPIRIT of that joy-filled Apostolic church.  He set forth what he claimed was God-given order for the churches.  (Now my question was then and now, WHY DID GOD CHANGE IT?)When this false prophet said,–1.– if you have gifts, get together BEFORE service, receive your messages, write them on paper and give them to the preacher, and the preacher, (serpent) will read them to the church.  (I ask, where is even one Scripture saying such a thing?  see, this stopped the moving of God’s Spirit in the services, and stopped the people of God from receiving anything from God.)2– When you come into church, be quiet, no talking, fellowshiping, or worshiping.  Hold down all that emotionalism.See, this killed the joy  of God and made those churches more like funerals, than joyful Apostolic worship.Now why?I say, God revealed it to me…this man was still a baptist in his heart, and he HATED the true moving of God’s Holy Ghost.Later he denied the doctrine of this same group, as he said, the Oneness doctrine is wrong and so is the trinity wrong.BUT, he never did say what he thought was right, for he did not know.  But in denying their doctrine, he proved that he had not truly converted to this religion.  He merely jumped into it, for they DID believe in miracles, had no discernment, and therefore, he could climb to the top, and receive the worship he desired, from these folks, whom he truly despised in his heart.This false prophet also hated women.  He especially hated our precious Mother of all living, Eve, and spread the most hideous lies against her that any devil could bring up.His ‘following’ just blindly accepts these lies, for they know not the word of God.Now, let some of his followers prove me wrong.By: Jo Smith


  2. Since I mentioned the great lie against Mother Eve, let me go on now and explain this. There may be some who will read this, who are not familiar with this serpent-seed lie.The lie began way back with a false historian, called Josephus.  I am not sure if Josephus is the first one to teach this lie, but I do know that this turn-coat-baptist ‘prophet’ said he got it from Josephus.The lie says that Mother Eve committed adultery with some animal creature, which false prophet said was a missing link between men and monkeys.  (Wonder how a Bible believer could say such junk?)But the lie goes that  Eve had sex with this animal, and by this act conceived Cain.But what says the Word of God?Genesis 4:1— And Adam knew Eve his WIFE; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.See that ‘period’ at the end of that sentence or verse?  That means this is a full and COMPLETE statement.  Nothing can be added to this statement without calling God a lie and bringing up false doctrine. In Scripture, the word, ‘knew’ means having sexual relationship.So Adam had this relationship with his WIFE, (means it could not have been sin)…and FROM THIS, she conceived and bare CAIN……  period…Verse2And she again bare his brother Abel.Where did that lie come from?  I do not see it anywhere in all the Word of God.Yet I am hated by his followers because I dare still believe and teach WRITTEN SCRIPTURE.Eve was no adulterer.  She is not the one through whom sin entered this world….who is?ADAM….that old serpent.No righteousness is ever, one time, named in all of God’s word for Adam…yet he is loved and Eve hated. Eve is the same as New Jerusalem…mother of all living.Abraham is the ‘father’ of the righteous, not Adam.Serpent merely means a hypocrite evil man.  It was not an animal or turned into some reptile snake.  Yet carnal minded, blinded folks readily accept this big lie.If you add one word to Scripture, you are sinning and God will add the plagues of the book to you.  If you take away one word, God will take your part out of the Book of Life.Why do so many  not fear to change Gods word in such a big, hateful way?It blinds them and they can never see real truth.  They have their ear bored through and are deaf.That man they worship destroyed their ability to ‘hear’ truth.  Any lie will do this.Eve is the one who travailed in birth, giving birth to God’s children….not the fleshly ones, but the spiritual ones.Of course she did bear the fleshly ones, but God is dealing with becoming LIVING…LIVELY STONES…CHILDREN OF GOD.I personally do not know many, only one or two, who wish to know this truth.By: Jo Smith


  3. Freeborn,Yes! There is a very great danger in following man. And remember what Jesus said:Matthew 24:24 (KJV) 24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. I believe a false Christ would be someone that can do miracles that unbeliving man can not do. They will give the allusion of casting out devils and evil spirits. Just like Jesus did. And they will follow and believe that man really did it. He will do the same thing or better of what Christ did. And people will be fooled. And they will follow and that path will only lead to hell. It will happen until the day Christ will return and destroy all of it.That is why we must stay in the scriptures. And never let it go. Let it be your only book that you read. Put down those romance novels. And science fiction books. And read the book that will bring you eternal life. But many men will not heed to what I say. They will just have to learn for themselves.Love alwaysTweety


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