7 Trumps

Julian Assange has done the world a great service and exercised his calling, by informing us of the evils of the demoncrats and hillery clinton. that is what God sent Mr Assange to do. He did it well.
We have benefited today from his work to
send out a midnight cry
to wake up the sleeping virgins.

Once awake, the return of our Lord is imminent. but
that is not the end, yet.
There is another and more important ‘midnight call’ that must go forth and be heard and wake up the real sleeping virgins….the church.

that voice is already being sent out. that seventh trumpet is sounding. It is a message….a message that the foolish virgins do not wish to hear.

This divide in our nation clearly shows all of this. to those who have eyes that can ‘see’, this will clear some things up for you. to the blind, nothing makes sense.

Larry Bray and I are both doing the calling of God on our lives, as Julian Assange did his.. We are both sounding the warning to Zion. We are warning you all….get rid of your idols…
your green trees, decorated, contrary to God’s word….
Your silly easter junk….contrary to God’s word.

your silly ‘celebrating your false jesus’s birthday,,, contrary to God’s word….
your called assemblies……a thing God hates….your fancy palaces, (church building)….that God HATES….

and everything else that you do….and call it of God,…..but it is totally contrary to all that God said….
Larry and I have been calling out to you for years….repent of this your many sins….repent or perish.

You will not hear…….listen…..the ‘sleeping virgins’ out in the natural world, woke up….they heard the voice of God, and voted in the man that God chose and sent to give this world a bit more time, to repent in……

Do not look back. Go straight ahead…..listen to the voice of the trumpet…..Donald Trump and his family are a sure sign in the earth of this….seven trumpets in one family….the seventh trump, stood right beside the first trump, last night as he was made the next or 45th president of our nation.

Just as surely as that is happening in the natural world, the same thing is going on in the heavenly world.

I doubt many will read this….but for those who do…listen:
Last night, when Donald had 254 votes, I told Wanna, I am going to the bathroom and there pray that Pennsylvania will cast their 20 votes for Donald.

When I entered my living room, the spirit of God came upon me. I began praising him and worshiping….then…I besought God to move on Pen. to cast their vote for Donald. I felt the great witness of God on this.

This morning, My precious Granddaughter, Rebecca, called and told me that she got on her knees and besought God to cause Pen. to cast their vote for Donald. When we both went back to the computer, Donald had it.

She was in the spirit, shouting and praising God while she prayed. Two witnesses.

We were praying at the very same time, without knowing the other one was. God had his way.

Now I am telling you all….it is sure signs in earth. The same thing is going on in the ‘heaven’s.

Unless you wake up…repent, (means stop doing your sin)…stop having your baal worship and calling it of God,,,unless you stop provoking God to anger….HIS WRATH IS ABOUT TO FALL YOU THAT FAKE CHURCH YOU ARE PART OF…

When you partake of the heathen holidays, you are in adultery against God. REPENT OR PERISH.
This is the seventh trumpets message. Two witnesses are sounding this message to you.

Jo Smith. …. Nov 9, 2016

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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