I had sat down to read one of my wonderful messages, and as I read, God showed me a vision: as you all hang around your xmess trees, opening those presents, it is the very same thing to God as when old Israel was naked, dancing around the golden calf.
That is where you all are and so proud of it.

I know you hate these words, but God gives them to me…. yes, My God does speak to me, daily.
and your blood
will not be on my hands for I have not shunned to tell you what God gives me.

You are adulterers, dancing around the golden calf. Your churches are those high places on every street.

You are an abomination to God. You who claim Jesus is the reason you do these abominable things are the abomination.

You do blasphemy his Holy Name when you link him to this evil idol holiday.

Jo Smith.



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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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