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This is one of my Yahoo answers;

If God has put this conviction in your heart, you best not listen to these deluded folks in here, who think they know what is out in eternity, and what is not, and what is God and what is not.  Ask yourself,…have any of them searched all of space, and proved that there is not God, no hell, no heaven?  Of course not.
They are guilty of just the very thing they are saying….all they have is what some other deluded soul said.

It is all made up junk, to stop the conviction of God in their lives, until it is too late, and they do and will ascend out into outer darkness, and hell fire.

It is very real.  Heaven and God are very real.  It is not just imagination.  I do not go to any church or pay anyone anything.  god is real in my life every moment.  His power is beyond anything any of us can imagine.  I have experienced him for myself. He is most wonderful and glorious.

Do you really think those who speak in here, denying God, heaven and hell could possibly know what they are saying?  No way in this world.  They do not know one single truth.
They want to take as many out into hell with them as they can.

Here is an answer I wrote to another thread.  Read this and let common sense take you to the  True god.  He is in the King James Scriptures.  Study this and you can find the truth.  Ask God to speak to you. He will and then no one can make you doubt it:  read this:

Don’t you find it rather ‘interesting’ that so MANY who do not believe in God, can’t stop talking about Him?  Why do they take up so much of their lives, talking about something which they think does not exist?  Why waste the time?
Why can’t people just drop God altogether and let Jesus alone?  I mean, after over 2,000 years, Jesus is still the most talked about person who ever lived.  Wonder why?

I tell you why…because they CANNOT.  God will not let them.  They cannot stop thinking about God and eternity.  Even if they deny him and reject him, they cannot let him alone.
Proves he is more real than anyone or anything else in the entire universe.  His power is such, that even though they scream loud and long, that HE IS NOT…they cannot rest unless they are talking and thinking about HIM.
HIM…Jesus/ and his Father God.

If you who deny him, really think he is not…let him alone…go live what little life you have…for your few years here are not much…so why waste half of it thinking and talking about one who is not?

common sense.   if you CAN think, get away from this computer stuff, and go out and live and have fun…for tomorrow die…and it is all over. 
common sense.

One thing for sure…NONE OF YOU CAN STOP US FROM KNOWING OUR GOD, for He lives in me.  He walks with me and he talks with me and he heals all that is wrong with me.  He protects me.  he tells me where to find things I lose, etc. etc.  So you are all wasting your breath/fingers/life, trying to convince any of us who Know our God, that he is NOT.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

One thought on “Answer For Atheist

  1. God gave me this message, and it is having a strong effect on folks:Study the Book of Acts….over and over..believe it then obey it…only way to find that satisfying portion.Now think on this,  if there is nothing to God and Jesus, WHY is EVERYONE in this world, even tonight, thinking on God and Jesus…discussing God and Jesus.They cannot stop it.  After 2000 years, more people are concerned about Jesus then ever.  why?  They cannot stop it.Every tongue is now confessing the name…JESUS.That name is powerful.  EVEN WHEN SPOKEN IN DOUBT, that name is powerful and will effect everyone, everywhere.No other person who ever lived, is thought about so much, talked about so much, even a few short years after their death.  Yet after over 2000 years, Jesus is talked about all day, every day.Even those who hate him, cannot let him alone.  They must talk about him.  Their tongues is confessing Jesus, rather they wish to or not.  God makes them.We do not sit at our computers, discussing Buddha, or any other person.  Augustus Cesar lived at the same time.. a mighty king…but how many sit at their computers or on their phones, every day discussing if he was real or not?There has to be a powerful reason. Jesus is here.  He is there.  He is all over this world, tonight.  No other being can be there, here, everywhere, as is this Jesus of mine.


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