Notice, God told this ‘lady Babylon’, I gave my people into your hands…who is this?  He gave this earth, its people, into the hands of ADAM.
He said, upon them you have very heavily laid your yoke.
What is that speaking of?

It is speaking of that old LAW.  That is the heavy yoke Jesus took off his people.  Adam put that heavy yoke on people.  I know everyone thinks that God did this…but read Isa one and you will see that God hated that thing.
didn’t Jesus come and tell us God’s way?  and God’s truth?  Sure he did.
Jesus said, break every yoke.
Jesus said, take MY YOKE upon you…for my YOKE is EASY and by BURDEN is LIGHT.

Read Acts 15…Peter told that early church, do not go back to that old law…it was a HEAVY BURDEN which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear.

Yet today, the world has taken that heavy yoke right back up,…ruling over others…demanding that women be under obedience, as also saith the LAW.
See, no freedom.  Men today say women cannot speak in church or preach or teach.

That is part of that old heavy yoke, laid on our precious Mother of all Living, by her serpent husband.  People think that because God told Eve what had happened to her, that it was God’s will.  NO SUCH THING.

If this had been God’s will, Jesus would not have BROKEN IT.  Jesus did not stop storms which God brought up.  but it was  allowed by God.
God allowed a lying spirit to go deceive Ahab, to get him killed.  But did God do that?  Did God afflict Job?

No.  But he allowed it.  He allowed Eve to be deceived by Adam.  But he broke that heavy yoke of bondage.
Jesus Christ is HER SEED, to bruise the head of that old serpent.

Yet we have people, still in our very day, still declaring that she was the evil one.  Holding daughters of God back, because of a lying old prophet, which God declared would only tell lies, as he is the TAIL.

I am warning you all, you had better forget such stuff and get into God’s WORD, the holy KJV, and study for yourself.  You had better accept grace, for everyone, including, and especially your wives, and set everyone FREE, as Jesus told us to do.
You had better come to a knowledge of the REAL TRUTH, which is recorded in God’s word.  Stop believing the lies.  It will not save your soul.  Ignoring God all day, and running to some old place, to hear some old prophet, is not going to save your soul.  Running to some old church, dead meetings, each Sunday or Saturday, is not going to save your soul.
You are going to have to pray, every day,  study God’s word, not some old man-made books.  If you sit all day, playing your games, you are missing God.

I know this truth is hated…But it is the only truth which can save your soul.

Jo Smith

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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