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Well it is starting to warm up and I am out enjoying the sunshine. Now, I must educate all people that I run into about the different translations out there. I thought it was a few words here and there that were either changed or taken out.  But if you read this website really closely, you will see that the Bible translations of today are straight from the heart and mind of Satan himself.  I was going to buy a NASB. Thinking that it would be safe for me to read. But NO! It is dangerous.  VERY DANGEROUS.

Please go to this site and read the comparision of the KJV vs. NASB. It is another one of those translations that are said to be better than the KJV, but it is far from being the best…Stay away from it at all costs.  I know that many people do not even read a Bible, and that is why they fall for such misconception. But for the ones that actually read and study the Bible, it is easily noticed.

That is why people must stay in the WORD OF GOD always. Daily…!

I am glad that you got a new computer. I was thinking about getting a MAC. But, I am too use to windows. And the price is kinda steep for me…So it will have to wait…

Love to you all.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

7 thoughts on “Bible Translations

  1. Hello, Tweety.  It is very good to hear from you.  The price was steep for me also, but they gave me a year to pay it off in, without interest.  I was having so much trouble, that I went for it,Still trying to learn more about it.You know, God has revealed to me what the Great Transgression is/was.  It is where Adam said, I am God.  See, to set anyone or anything in the place of God, is the highest of all transgressions.This is what Adam did.  You know, most people are still at it today.  We have people still today, who claim that the KJV is in errorthey set other men’s word above God’s word  They set themselves up as knowing more than God knowsThis think is messing up.  But I will try to finish.See, when men change the word and say things which are not in the KJV, they are saying that God’s word is wrong.  How do I know?  Men were murdered and tortured who workedon the KJV  If Satan had not hated this work, that would not have happened.  See, it is not happhappening to those men who change it today.  Because it is the work of Satan.So all of those men today, who do as old coffeeman did….study loads of other books, bring up all kinds of reasons why the KJV is in error, are setting themselves up above God, as did Adam.I am going to send this and see if another post will work right.


  2. Well, let me see if this will work right.  I think I am going to have to hook back up my old keyboard.I do not like this tiny thing.Now see, in our day, we did NOT need another version of English. We already had an exact translation, the KJV.  But men hate the truth of God, so they brought up other versions, changed it, and now have millions of folks out proclaiming that the KJV is wrong.All of these people are deceived and have no idea what God’s truth is.They believe all kinds of junkie doctrines.  Then when they see that the KJV  does not back up their false ideas, they begin slandering the KJV, saying it is wrong.Thus they set themselves up above God and lie against Gods truth.They are thus in the great transgression, with old Adam.So you just keep telling the world this truth. So will I.  A man just was railing against me, on the phone, telling me that women have no right to preach or teach.  How I hate that evil lie.But see, that is what old Adam brought up.  They will not listen, just as these men who claim that the KJV is wrong will not listen to reason or truth.But so be it.  They are sealing their own doom.  IN Christ there is neither male nor female, so they are all still in law and therefore doomed.Very few people have any truth.  Almost no one wants any truth.  But I thank my God I know He has give me his truth.  I will continue to love and study the pure Word of God, the KJV, all my life,  It is most marvelous to me.


  3. Tweety, I went and read a lot of that.  I say anyone who joins in this campaign against the truth of the KJV, is just as guilty as  those who perverted it in that version.  Anyone who helps turn others away from faith in the pure word of God, given to us, in English, in the KJV, is an outright ENEMY of God, the people and TRUTH.They are leading souls into unbelief and therefore, this kind of perverted mess can trip them up and send their souls to hell.I would not want to have to answer to God for speaking lies against His truth.As I said before, they are thus guilty of the GREAT TRANSGRESSION.This transgression, is spoken of in Job, the transgression of Adam, as being the greatest of transgressions.  It is nothing but putting man up as God, saying the man knows more than God knows.anyone who denies the truth of the KJV, is setting themselves up as enemies against God and his kingdom and his truth.They are guilty of leading souls astray into darkness.I cannot fight this strong enough.Very few join in this battle to keep faith in the pure Word of God, for which men gave their very lives.  No one is killing the wicked men who made that perversion.No one will ever come to know the real truth as long as the slander the KJV, and look to other men and other books for guidance. 


  4.  Indisputable, universally recognized errors in the KJVSpecial thanks to Bill Reid for providing some source documentation in this section.Errors where the KJV translation disagrees with the Textus Receptus:KJV translates…Textus Receptus actually says… “robbers of churches.” Acts 19:37 Every known Greek manuscript has HIEROSULOUS, “robbers of temples” “Lucifer” Is 14:12 “O Day Star” (Lucifer is a human origin nickname for the Devil in the 1600’s refers not to the devil but the king of Babylon) “Easter” Acts 12:4″Passover”(Easter very poor choice as it confuses the pagan origin Roman Catholic “Easter” holy day with what the TR clearly says is the Jewish Passover!) “Baptism” (entire New Testament) Acts 2:38; 22:16 immersion, because sprinkling was the mode of baptism in 1611AD, they jelly-fished out and transliterated the Greek “baptizo” but refused to translate it. “Tithes of all I possess” Lk 18:12 “all I acquire” (Not only variant with the TR, but quite wrong. Tithes were never paid on capital, only increase) “Schoolmaster” Gal 3:24″attendant” (the law was the one who brought us to Christ, not taught us about Christ) “God save the King”: 1Sam 10:24, 2Sam 16:16, 1Kings 1:25 “May the king live” (“God” not in TR, but reflects the British culture of the 1600’s. Proof that the translators used dynamic equivalents.) “God Forbid.” Ro. 3:4,6,31; 6:2,15; 7:7,13; 9:14; 11:1,11; 1 Co. 6:15; Ga. 2:17; 3:21; 6:14 “may it not be” or “let it not be.” (KJV adds the word God where it is absent in the TR because it was a common expression in 1600’s. Proof that the translators used dynamic equivalents.) “sweet savour” Lev 6:21; 8:28; 17:6; 23:18 “soothing aroma” (KJV appeals to wrong senses- taste instead of smell in the TR) “ashes upon his face” 1 Kings 20:38 “bandage over his eyes” (KJV varies from TR by using ashes) “flagon” 2 Sam 6:19; 1 Chron 16:3; SoS 2:5; Hosea 3:1These verses contain the word “flagon” which is a fluted cup from which liquid is drunk. However, the Hebrew word is “ashishah” which has always meant raisins or raisin cakes. This is especially true in Hos 3:1 because raisin cakes were often offered to idols. This is an obvious error in translation.


  5. Bryan, you do set yourself up as an enemy of God, truth and God’s people.  So you just proved you are not a lover of truth.  I see now why all you seem to care about is saying fancy words, trying to appear to know so much.  Your mind is so far from truth, there is no words for it.  You are spreading unbelief and error and out to drag anyone you can away from the truth of GodYou see those things as error because of your own lack of knowledge of truth. See, the thing about Easter, is there, to prove it was the wicked ones who kept Easter.  It is not error.So with all the rest.See, you are now guilty of being in the great transgression.You do set carnal men’s words above God’s word.  You are teaching lies against God and his truth.I know you are so set into this evil that nothing I can say will help you turn to truth.  So I will not waste the time trying.But you can be sure….you will have a horrible payday when God brings you to judgment.You are with the enemies against God, who spoke against all that the Apostles taught.  Your wicked kind of spreading lies against Gods pure word is one of the main causes for all the destruction going on in our world.So now you have lifted yourself up so high, and other carnal minded men, like unto yourself, that you can speak out against God’s word as if you know all other things in this world and can proclaim what is God’s truth and what is not.Well, I witness to you this day that I believe the pure Word of God and He has gloriously proven it to me in many ways.  So I totally reject your wicked lies against truth.I do hope you can find a place of repentance, but I seriously doubt it, as you are locked into this grave ERROR.You are in the great transgression…..setting mans word above God.


  6. no, not necessary. But for your own sake, you need to stop wasting time studying others mens words and start studying Scripture.  Now please tell me,  WHAT do you consider to be the pure word of God? What do you study/read, which you do consider to be right?what do you prove stuff with?  How many other languages do you know?  if none, I say to you, that you must depend on some other mans interpretation of God’s word.and that man is doing the same thing, and so on and on.If you cannot read or understand other languages, how do you know what they say?  You  must rely on some mans concordance or other material.Thus you are in the great transgression, setting other carnal mens words above Gods word. you have no proof that they know what they are speaking. How can you think they know more than the men who gave us the KJV?  Did Satan attack them and kill them for what they say?  No.  But he sure did those holy men who did the KJV.  catholics/popes, and almost all others hate Gods truth so they set up men to destroy all faith in it.Now you have joined them.  that foolish doctrine, denying the entire church age, which had to go by, and apostate, before Jesus returns, and pours out judgment the second time on old Babylon, is so unfounded in truth, there is just no reason for it.You are into total darkness, under a  horrible delusion.  Oh I know you are not going to listen anymore than many others that I have admonished.Let me ask you a question. …and please answer it truthfully….did, does, God reveal those things to you?  Did God tell you those things?  If not, you are not being taught by God, but by sinful man.


  7. Notice, bryan said, these ‘errors’ in the KJV, are INDISPUTABLE.  IN OTHER WORDS he sets this mans ideas up as infallible, but calls God’s word a lie.You cannot prove one word you say.  not with Scripture.Oh I forgot, you do not call Scripture the word of God. So please, tell us…..what do you say the word of God is?  What do you study as the word of God?If I ask you, tell me what to read, that is the word of God, what would you tell me?  where is it?Oh I know you will not answer, for you never answer my questions…because you have no truth.  If you had truth, you could answer the questions.I continued to try and help you, erroneously thinking that you sincerely wanted truth.  Now I see no such thing exists in you.When you can call the KJV a lie, I say you have no hope of salvation and do not want it.  You are an open enemy of God and his people, trying to tear down their faith.This is inexcusable.  so now, please answer this:  again I know you will not because you cannot:Jesus said at the end of this world, the angles will  come and drag the ‘net’ in.  That net is the gospel message going out to the whole world.  It took in both good and bad fish.Now he said they will draw that net to shore and separate the good fish from the bad;  meaning set the tares in bundles to burn them.  but gather the wheat into my barn.  alsoset the sheep on the right hand and the goats on the left.  It also means the message will then stopped being preached. He will no longer be reaching out to save people.  When did this happen?He also said, when he returns as he left, every eye will see him.  So why has no one seen him?  why have you not been gathered to him, as he said we will be?I know you cannot answer, for this would prove your false teaching to be just that.  nevertheless, it will show any who might see this, that you have no truth.You may delete my words on your facebook.  But you cannot do it here.


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