Call of the Wild

(this is a last year’s post on FB, but I am afraid to resend it there, so will post it here instead)


sounding off again:… I now understand what is driving this mess, of blm, and all the others out there who are screaming day in and day out, to take down those who know how to do things…. make us all equal….dumb down those who know how…
ever heard of…..’Call of the wild?’

well, that is what all of this is……yep…those folks come from the jungles and they cannot learn to live in a civilized world,,,even though they thought if they could get to one, they would be kept up and allowed to just play all day and destroy what others had built…..for they cannot love a civilized world.

they feel the ‘call of the wild’…they are longing to once again roam the jungles, with no clothes on and have nothing to do but search for scraps of food somewhere.

they are troubled by a civilized world, where one has to study, educate themselves and control themselves, to become a doer.

they highly resent all who can and do make something worthwhile of themselves…..they screamed for years,,,,let us go to college…only to get there and find they could not do it….could not fit in, for they hated discipline, they hated having to sit all day and study….all they wanted was a safe place where they could PLAY….so they set out to destroy those same colleges…..after all…

those colleges were to blame for educating folks who know how to do things….and devote themselves to doing a good job…but these jungle folks want no part of such a life….so they are at a loss to fit in….then they turn to blaming everyone else for their own misfit.

they are longing for the jungle life…where nothing is expected of them and they do not have to study, go to school, or obey any laws. the law of the jungle, dog eat dog, is all they know……

we now see them by the millions, leaving their own native country….running to a civilized world, built by those who studied, had a good mind and made things…..but when they get there…all they can do is what is their nature….. destroy what they have found…beat up folks who are smarter than them… not look like them…destroy and turn this civilized country into a jungle.

they are destroying much of they wish to destroy the USA. the thing that is so bad…..those leaders who are supposed to know better and get rid of this garbage, running around in humanity…no…for some evil reason…folks like Soros..Gates, and many others, use these jungle folks and their inability to cope…..for their own evil agendas and allow these ‘folks?” to destroy what generations of good folks built.

We are expected now to just lay down our own lives, our own good sense, our own abilities and let these jungle folks destroy the world.

who will stand up and be counted? pray against this evil…get our leaders to stop allowing this evil to destroy…send those jungle folks back where they long to be….back to the wild jungle.

Jo Smith.



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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

One thought on “Call of the Wild

  1. let me tell you something….the evil spirit of satan can and does get into all kinds of folks….he is in whites…blacks,,,and all others. by the same token, God’s Spirit can get into all kinds of folks….you will know them by their fruits or doings….those who destroy, kill, and steal and beat up on others, are filled with the evil spirit of satan…we must stop allowing them to destroy our world.


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