Can God’s Word Work Evil?

I wrote this for a question on Yahoo:

My answer here is a bit long…but please, all Christians take time to read this.********

When some say we have no answers to this onslaught trying to discredit God, they simply do not know what God teaches those who diligently seek his Truth, by searching the Scriptures, instead of looking to preachers/priests, who do not know the word themselves.

Now, for the sake of any honest folks here:  The WORD,  that is W.O.R.D., of God is all powerful.
The WORD of God creates.  The WORD of God spoke the world into existence.  IT WAS NOT JESUS.  It was the WORD.  THAT IS W.O.R.D. of God.

All things were made by him,   the WORD.  The WORD OF GOD IS NOT JESUS.
The word of God is God’s thoughts, EXPRESSED.

Now for the needed truth:
Whether God himself speaks his Word, or someone else speaks his Word, that WORD is the power and it will accomplish whatever it was sent to do.

Now get this.
Christians, learn this.  Others do not really want truth; they hate God and just want to send others into their own darkened mindset.

God anointed his Son, Adam.  This anointing is the POWER TO SPEAK God’s word, the same As God speaks it.
Adam is that anointed cherub in Eze. 28.   Jesus said, the Spirit of the Lord God is UPON ME…..(*for he has anointed me to speak)…
Now notice it did not say, I am the Lord God, now did it?  No.  It said, the Spirit of the Lord God is UPON ME, for He has ANOINTED ME.

Now God anointed Saul to be King of Israel.  But after a while Saul rebelled and set himself up in the ‘seat’ of God, to do as Saul pleased.
Then God chose another, and anointed David to be king.  BUT.  ..David knew he could not kill God’s anointed, nor could he become king until Saul DIED.
David had the same anointing as Saul, but Saul was first, so David could not become king until the death of Saul.  Both men knew this.  Saul sought to kill David to keep Saul’s line as kings.

Now this was done to teach us God’s truth.
Adam was anointed FIRST.  Adam is still anointed and still ruling this world.   Sure his body died, but his Spirit did not.
Adam can speak the Word of God and it will do whatever he says, for it is Gods POWER.
So when Adam rebelled against God, he set up war against God, with God’s own power, the WORD.

Adam then perverted the creation of God.  He set wild animals to become vicious and eat others.
He made poison snakes.  He set up storms to destroy with.
He does the evil…but it is God’s own power, for it is God’s own word, given to Adam, before Adam became bad.
God cannot take back his own word, so he cannot stop Adam, yet.
He cannot take back his anointing.  There will come a time, when Adam will be destroyed in  the lake of Fire.
Then Jesus will take over the ruling of this world.  Then Jesus will show forth his own power as He speaks the Word of God for GOOD.

This is why and how there is war in heaven…Adam and his angels, speaking God’s word , in power, for evil.
It comes from God…only…because God first gave Adam this power.

God does not do the evil.  God hates the evil.  But it is  God’s own word, God’s own power, which he gave to his son, Adam, so he cannot stop it yet.  See, no matter who speaks God’s true Word, it is God’s own thoughts, expressed.  It is just as powerful if I speak it, as if God himself speaks it, for it is God.  The Word is God.  Paul could speak and a dead person rose up.  Peter spoke and a dead person came alive.  They spoke and sick were healed…same as when Jesus did this.  I can do it; you can do it.
Adam uses this power for evil.  But it is still the power of God.  Not that God wants evil, but Adams faith works evil for him.
God will someday stop this, but only when it is time.

This is why Jesus said, if YE speak to a mountain to remove, it will obey you. You may say, (speak) to a tree to be cast into the sea and it will be.  See, this is the proof that as Jesus anointed his disciples, it was the same anointing which he had received from God…to be able to SPEAK the Word of God and it will BE.
If we speak it is faith, it will be, for it is Gods word which is the power to heal, create of tear down.
But God himself does NOT speak for evil.  This is done only by Adam and his followers.

Only when something takes place, which humans know nothing about, will God be able to stop Adam without hurting his own Word and power, which Adam now possess.

Does anyone out there understand this?  I surely hope so.

By: Jo Smith , Sept 30, 2010

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

6 thoughts on “Can God’s Word Work Evil?

  1. Here is more on this revelation:The reason Jesus never sinned and became the one whom God himself set on the throne of God, is that Jesus never once used this God-given power to work his own will.This is the greatest aspect of the life of Jesus, in that he always said, Not my  will, but thine be done.Jesus was willing to even die that cruel death on the cross, because he saw it was the will of God.Jesus could have not gone there.He said, destroy this temple, (speaking of his own body) and in three days I will raise it up.Now the ones who think Jesus was God, think he was showing here that he was God.  NO.Jesus knew the Word of God.  He knew that God showed in Hosea that He would raise him up in three days.  So Jesus could say this by FAITH AND RAISE HIMSELF UP, BY SPEAKING THESE WORDS OF GOD.I can do the same thing.  By faith I can speak the word of God, and it will happen, for it is God’s own power.  I can say to a sick person, be healed, and it will be, for it is God’s word.This is also why to say Jesus was God is to miss the entire truth of Scripture.Adam was a MAN, so the other anointed one of God had to also be a man.God did not anoint God.God anointed his SON.God’s sons were human.  They were not gods.  Only another human man could undo the harm Adam has done.It is the secrets of God, known only to God and those to whom God will reveal it.Jesus never one time used his God-given power, or anointing to do his own will or for evil.  He always waited until he knew what the will of God was, and then he spoke or acted.  Jesus would not have rebuked and stopped the storms, if they had been God’s will.  He knew it was evil, brought up by Satan/Adam, so he stopped that evil.Thus his words are always doing good, not evil.  Adam went the wrong way and lifted himself up as god and did his own will, which was evil.Adam desired to be the most High God.He desired to rule over others.  So, Adam set up the OT type bondage law.This system is not of God.  It is evil.  God hated it always.He abolished this system, 11Cor 3.God does not abolish something he himself wanted or set up.That law is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  God commanded Adam not to set that up or eat of that kind of ‘tree’ or kingdom.Adam is the one who set up animal sacrifices.  It looks as if God did this, for it was Adam speaking God’s word.If God had wanted this, or ever had pleasure in it, he would not have abolished it.  Heb 10 shows that God at any time accepted this or had pleasure in it.It is evil.  It is of Satan.  Satan is Adam.  Adam has the anointing to speak God’s word.  There is war in heaven because of this.  Gabriel told Daniel, I came to you three weeks ago, but others warred with me and hindered me.It was other angels, doing the evil of their leader, Adam.  Those are real powers which humans know not one thing about.  The power behind their power is God’s power.  So it has to be handled in a way which humans know nothing about.God will eventually end this rule of Adam/Satan.  But it has to run its course.Saul ruled 40 years.David ruled 40 years.There is a reason.God is a God of order.  It cannot be broken.  Just read the Word of God and believe what He says.  It will be.  God will destroy all evil in the lake of Fire.  It will stop Adam’s evil and all things will again be GOOD.Animals will not hurt each other anymore.No one will hurt anyone.  It will then be glorious as God intended from the start.  Saints of God, we have a great day coming.  Stay with God, no matter how hard it gets.  The rewards are worth it all.Jesus endured the cross, despising the shame, looking forward to his glory.He knew it is worth it all and he wanted to bring us with him. Praise His glorious name for such love and truth.By Jo Smith.


  2. More of this revelation:God said of Adam, Now the MAN is become as ONE OF US, to know good and evil.What does this mean?  It proves this revelation.  Adam had now come into the same power to speak and it be.  Since Adam was using this power for evil, he now has brought God’s word, or power, into evil.So Adam could now do good or evil, with this God-given anointing or power.Adam knew that the WORD IS GOD.So Adam could say, I am  God.And that is exactly what he said, I am god.  but God said to him, you are just a man.  God knew that even though this man was speaking with the God-given power, that he was still just a man.When God strips Adam/mankind, of this power, they will then be shown to be just weak men, not able to do a thing.  But until then, Adam says, I am god.  I can create.  I hear it every day, deceived humans saying I am god, I can create.But let God withdraw that anointing he gave Adam, and you can do nothing.Jesus knew this. He said I can of my own self do nothing.  Jesus did not heal of his own power.  He did not walk on water of his own power.  He did it with the God-given power.Only those of us who know this, admit we are nothing without God, will last, when God destroys all that used his power for evil.God said the man is become as ONE OF US.  The man now knew evil and how to work it.He used God’s glory, his Word, to work evil.  How God hates this!Yet, as strange as it seems, it is God’s own power and his own word doing this, as Adam speaks under the God-given anointing.Saul proves it.  Saul did exactly what God said not to do.  But Saul was king.  God had anointed him.God let it go, until time to destroy Saul.  Saul remained king until his death.God does not take back his anointing.So if you find yourself anointed by  God, you better humble yourself, as Jesus did, and obey God.  Speak only what God tells you to speak.I personally heard those who claim that they can use their faith for evil.  They knew this, but it will destroy their soul in hell fire.That is the spirit of Adam, still alive, speaking his evil.  I say with Jesus, I can only do what God shows me to do and say only what God shows me to say.  That way, I will use God’s word only for good.All who use God’s word for evil, building up their own name, and getting riches and power over others, will destroy themselves in hell fire.The majority of people who get into the anointed, use if for EVIL.  The few who let this mind be in them which was in Jesus, to humble themselves and do only God’s will, are the ones who will endure to eternal life.I very much wish to be one of them.By Jo Smith.


  3. More of this revelation:I am writing this as God reveals more of it to me.  I am writing it just as it comes to me.  When I stop, God shows me more.  If I do not write it now, as it is being given to me, or anointed to me, I will lose it.  My tiny mind will forget.This is the very reason no one can claim, in truth, that once they make that start with God, or as they say, become ‘saved’, that they then have it made, no matter what.I see many who claim this lie, you cannot be lost now, you have it made, no matter how much you sin, after you are ‘saved’.What a horrible deception this is.It cannot be true.  God proved with Adam that He will not take back his anointing, but neither will he allow a wicked person to obtain eternal life in glory.Adam lost his glory.  Adam retained his anointing, but he lost his own soul.He lost that glory to be in the image of God.You may go on in your church, and in your sins, you may even appear righteous, and powerful.  But if you use your God-given anointing for evil, God will destroy you.We see many preachers who had the anointing and they became lifted up in pride and boast of their own glory and get a large following.  But this person will end up lost.If God did not spare the angels who sinned, and spared not the old world, of which Adam was the ruler, how much more will He not spare you who sin.God’s word says this, not me.God will not spare you who use his anointing or God-given forgiveness of sins, for evil and go out living in your sins, thinking you have it made.  God hates this wicked message more then the others for it leads many down that road of sin and destruction, even as they preach lies against God, as does Adam.You better be very careful to maintain a  Godly life when you claim salvation.  God will give you a worse place in hell than those who never made that start, for you slander God and put him to open shame, claiming that you met God and love sin more.You show that you think evil is better or more desirable than the Eternal God.God will never forgive this horrendous sin.Be careful to maintain good works, for with this God is well pleased.By Jo Smith


  4. More on this message;Well, God just keeps giving this to me.  I used to open a document and write the full message and God would give it to me as I wrote.  So guess this is what is happening only I am writing straight to the board.  I had no idea this much would come when I started this, so did not go at it as a full message.But it is fast becoming a full message, so will have to later go back and post it into a document and print it out.OK, now.  God proved this message with Moses.  We know that God had anointed Moses.Watch how Moses is told to speak the words of God and it happened as he spoke it:Exodus 6:29 KJV That the LORD spake unto Moses, saying , I am the LORD: speak thou unto Pharaoh king of Egypt all that I say unto thee.There are numerous times that God told Moses to SPEAK his words to the people and Pharaoh.But when the people sinned against God, and Moses prayed for them, God said: Exodus 32: 31 And Moses returned unto the LORD, and said , Oh, this people have sinned a great sin, and have made them gods of gold. 32 Yet now, if thou wilt forgive their sin-; and if not, blot me, I pray thee, out of thy book which thou hast written . 33 And the LORD said unto Moses, Whosoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book. 34 Therefore now go , lead the people unto the place of which I have spoken unto thee: behold, mine Angel shall go before thee: nevertheless in the day when I visit I will visit their sin upon them. 35 And the LORD plagued the people, because they made the calf, which Aaron made .See here that God said he would let this sin go, for now, but when he visits, their sin will be required of them.  God would not blot Moses out of his Book for those people.But he said those who sinned, he would blot them out of his book.Now let these who claim they can still live in sin after being saved, prove it with Scripture.  God shows here that he will blot those wicked people out of his book.God does not change.  If he did it to them, he will do it to all.When Moses intervened to God for them, God told Moses, why cry to me, you speak to them.God had already given to Moses the power or right to speak God’s word and it would stand.How much more can those with the baptism of the Holy Ghost speak the word and it will stand and do the works.God said he will hear your words and bring them to pass, so be careful what you SAY.By Jo Smith


  5. Freeborn,This is truly a great message. And it is so true. Those that say they are saved and do anything they want. GOD will blot their name out of the book. I truly enjoyed reading this message. Many that come here will not understand it. But I most certainly do…And I enjoyed it. I think only you and I understand each other. We speak a different language than the rest of teh world. And like Jesus, the people do not understand nor can they comprehend it…Love You.Tweety


  6. Tweety, dear,That is so very true.  And I knew you would understand this and love it.  God is certainly with you in a mighty way.I just returned from a weekend trip with Wanna and Rebecca and her children, down to Jekyll and St. Simon Islands.On the way down I told them of this message and we all got into it.  it was a great blessing and they both see what I am saying here.I will try to get back into more later in the week.  Right now am just checking in.  Very tired and wishing to get to bed early.Good night and love to all,Jo


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