Church a Substitute

Just as people are in the ‘dark’ about what goes on in politics, and are only concerned with their little backyard, they are just as in the dark, on the things of God.
Nor do they wish to be enlightened. They love the ways of darkness.
I spoke to someone a few days ago, who had told me that they KNOW their ‘church’ is the right one. I had told him that none of them are right.
Now, a few days later, he opened a discussion about the woman at the well.
I had purposed to say no more to this person, for I could clearly see that they were not open to anything; totally deceived and liking it that way.
But be sure, when they, (or God) open a door for me, I surely take full advantage of it.
I told this person that the first time a well of water is mentioned in Scripture was with Hagar and Ishmael. I waited for a response which did not come. Then this person said, ‘YOU WILL HAVE TO FILL ME IN; I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SCRIPTURE’.

There, FULL ADMISSION. He knows nothing about Scripture, not even who Hagar is.
the total deception. Fully away from God; thinking that ‘church’ is going to save them. NOT FOR ONE MINUTE.

I wrote a very powerful message a few years ago….it is solidly true….called, A SUBSTITUTE FOR GOD.

The meat of this message is proven by this man’s words. CHURCH IS A SUBSTITUTE FOR GOD.

Jo Smith.


Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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