Devil Worship

You may think you do not have to listen to me…. and that is true….but I speak ONLY the Word of God…. so you truly do need to listen and heed this warning.

You keep doing your spiritual adultery year after year, month after month and think you will still be welcomed to heaven or God’s Holy Spirit.

That is nothing but total deception.
You say you celebrate the birthday of Jesus and Jesus is the reason.. 
that is nothing but LIES. You cannot give one verse of Scripture to support this or tell you when he was born.

You refuse to consider that God forbids this in several scriptures.

You confess to an incarnate god. You never consider that this word is not once named in any scripture.

You cannot give one verse of God’s word for when Jesus was born or that God said do this mess of exchanging presents or decorating a tree to do this stuff.

So you are speaking, believing and doing a message OF SATAN.

You do speak Satan’s words. You do live by Satan’s ways. You do teach your children to lie, steal and love idols and yet pretend you are teaching them about god. yes, but that god is satan.

You prove with all of this continued spiritual adultery against God that you love satan and the ways of this word and refuse to obey the true God.

You cannot heal the sick. You cannot receive the revelation of God’s Holy Word. You cannot discern spirits. You pretend to speak in tongues or else flat deny this altogether.

Jesus spoke truth when He said, VERY FEW WILL FIND THE WAY TO ETERNAL LIFE.

You do prove with your idolatry that you do not believe God’s word has a thing to do with anything. You do prove to be a child of satan. Fake preachers deceived you into thinking you received the holy ghost, or got save by joining a church and you accept their lies for you love the ways of this world instead of God’s Holy Ways.

So refuse to be corrected and it is only going to land you and your family in HELLFIRE.

God’s word shows all through the OT that the GREEN TREE is always connected with DEVIL WORSHIP. It is not even mentioned in the NT.

So you prove you are part of that old devil-worship cult.

Jo Smith…..speaking only truth. Nov 27, 2018

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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