Enjoy and Reach The Fullness of God

Read this and learn, believe and it shall be so unto you.  God gave me the message of Elijah and Elisha, two nights ago and I told it to two others.  They both received such glory and blessing.  One told me yesterday,  “I am still feasting off that message”.

Now today, I just now found this.  It is part of the same message God gave me.  Only God gave me more on it.  When I can possibly have time, I will try to write it up.
As I read tonight on the moving of God in the early Pentecostal  moves, during the early 1900s, I began praying for God to restore it.
The power of God came upon me, sitting here.  I began speaking in tongues and screaming in the joy of the Lord as I did back when he first filled me.
Glory to God.

How we need the power of God to be restored!


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

3 thoughts on “Enjoy and Reach The Fullness of God

  1. Freeborn,Smith Wigglesworth is my favorite author. I just brought a book of all his sermons. He is very good. I did not know that his writings were online.  Dake loved his writings alot.  Love always.Tweety


  2. Hi Tweety,I have never read anything he wrote, in fact had never heard of him before.  well, today we got our baby. I got to hold him in the hospital.  Cute little boy.Larry’s son-in-law is still doing no good.  I talked to Larry a few minutes and he said Tommy is still in a coma, so keep them in prayer.Also, got notice today that my case will go before a mediator.  so pray that we settle this thing that way.  If only he would fix the bridge and road back, I would settle.Have had a long tiring day at the hospital.So will not say much right now.Jo


  3. It does not say Christ is the one who created here. People inject this false idea and it has been spoken so much that everyone believes this lie. But if they could only stop and read it as it is really spoken, they could see that it is not speaking here about Jesus. It is speaking about the WORD OF GOD.Everyone says verse one is about Jesus, yet it does not mention Jesus. It speaks of God and his word. His word is himself, or his very own thoughts. God SPOKE the worlds were made, He SENT HIS WORD AND HEALED THEM.His Word is the light.His word is the life.He put his word into the mouth of Jesus and Jesus then spoke God’s word. Deut. 18.Gods word is the LIGHT.God’s word is the LIFE.God’s word is GOD, not Jesus.Jesus is not the Word. Jesus spoke the Word and ate the Word same as we must. He became one with the Word, but he was not the word.The word created. God SPOKE and it was done. The WORD is what was in the beginning.the WORD is what was made spiritual FLESH. and we beheld the glory…but Jesus had no glory until his resurrection. Isa 53.Men have twisted this scripture so much for so long, that no one seems to know the truth. They have made a human man to be God. So wrong. Why did Jesus later tell his disciples that , they, Ye are the light of the world?Because they now had the WORD IN THEIR MOUTH. (and this alone proves it is the WORD, not the man.)The word is the LIGHT.But see,the catholie lie must be upheld…so they had to say Jesus, Mary’s baby, was the Word, in order to make this lie of trinity and Mary being God’s mother, hold up.All who repeat this lie, are backing up this hideous, murderous religion and its lies.


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