False Judgement

God said not to judge a matter or person before you hear it/him.
do not allow what others say about a person to cause you to judge them before you hear that person. people lie. the media lies and lies and lies. Hillery killery lies and lies and lies.

The speech which Donald Trump made at West Bend, Wis, I just listened to and shared. Listen to that and then judge this man by his own words, not the lies the media is saying for they do not want to lose their own crooked place which crime has given to them.

Now some of you who read what I write know that God has been showing me the many wonderful SIGNS in Earth, that is going on now with Donald Trump. Each day seems to give me more understanding in this matter.

I love the scripture which says: the entrance of God’s word giveth thee understanding.
The reason so many have no true understanding and truth is they do not STUDY THE WORD OF GOD as Jesus told us to do; so God’s word does not enter them to give them understanding.

In this speech God showed me the best sign yet:
I doubt that a handfull of people know that God’s word shows that the TWO WITNESSES happen to be two anointed churches; anointed with POWER FROM ON HIGH to do the work of God.

That first WITNESS CHURCH was the one born on the Day of Pentecost……but something God revealed to me years ago…..and I am yet to hear anyone else who knows this, other than the ones who heard what God told me and could see it and accept it….but it is clear in Joel 2 and Acts 2, that there is to come ANOTHER GREAT ANOINTED CHURCH……coming AFTER THE SEVEN CHURCHES IN REVELATION.

Those seven churches were NOT WITNESS churches. They were not anointed with POWER FROM ON HIGH, and this is precisely why they deny God’s power for our day…..they know nothing about it.

But after God closes out this grace age of ‘church’, which the mess at Graceland today is showing….(another great sign in earth)….
God is going to anoint another Great powerful Witness church…..this church will have an aditional power which the church in the days of the apostles DID NOT HAVE FOR IT WAS NOT TIME.

This power is explained in Psalm 149.
The SAINTS of God will have the power to bring the wrath of the Lamb on this sin-filled earth and bring in everlasting righteousness.

That Church is about to be anointed and brought up.


God showed me this as I listened to him…..as he said, we /I am going to make this country greater than it has ever been.
safer than before.
more powerful and
more richer
than before..
God spoke to me and said this is the message of that second witness church.
God said in his word.
the GLORY of this second house shall be greater than the former house. those two houses are those two witness churches.

Why, why do you chose to stay outside in the dark, cold Laoidician dead church and miss all this glory?
Why do you wish to see the wicked killery clinton in our leadership than a man who loves this nation?

that jezebel spirit is in this nation, the churches of today and this world. It is NOT A PAINTED UP NATURAL WOMAN….IT IS A PEOPLE IN REBELLION TO GOD.

It is pastors preaching LIES. It is people denying the power of God.

By: Jo Smith..
Aug. 16, 2016


<span style=”font-size: medium;”><span style=”color: rgb(29, 33, 41); font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif; line-height: 16.08px; background-color: rgb(246, 247, 249);”>Donald Trump is actually fore-running the anointing of this second witness church. He is saying the things concerning our natural nation, that will be true of this powerful church…..tearing down the walls of wicked babylon;….tearing down the lies.</span><span style=”color: rgb(29, 33, 41); font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif; line-height: 16.08px; background-color: rgb(246, 247, 249);”>….the wickedness….bringing in truth and real power of God…. The things happening with this man are showing the second coming of Jesus is so very near….Graceland….means the church time, in which God allowed things to go on that should not be going on…..sin in the church….lies being taught..et.</span></span>

The black movement today or yesterday, tried to shut down Graceland….this is showing that evil is now closing out the grace age of church….but see these churches are not anointed with power from on high….so God gave them a space of time to repent in….this time is called grace…..after this age closes out…..there will not be grace for sinners….they will then be judged and punished for their evil deeds…..listen to Mr Trump announcing this message….he say, I will be a LAW AND ORDER MINISTRATION…..people that is Jesus.
Jesus is going to again bring LAW AND ORDER….no more sinning every day and getting by….no more telling lies and getting by….no more deceiving the sheep of God and getting by…..grace will be over and only those who have the true Holy Ghost in their lives…living without sin….without denying the power of God….will be placed at his right hand……the rest will be on the left….cast away. that is what Law and order is….read Zech 14….if you do not come up and worship, on you will be no rain….force…see? if you sin, your flesh will drop off you. no grace to sin and get by see? yes, that day is on us. regardless of how it turned out at Graceland, the sign was STILL SET THERE. glory to God for his great truth.</span>




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