Jesus In Joseph

Jesus in Joseph ~

Until you can see Jesus in any and every Scripture, you are missing the full truth and a great revelation. The whole Word of God is about Jesus. A lot of beauty and joy is found when you see Jesus portrayed in the lives of the people in the Word. For truly that which is written of them was written only because of the way that part of their lives were showing or typing Jesus.

I will share some of the beauty here, which God showed me from the life of Joseph.

Beginning in Genesis 37 we will study the life of Joseph only slightly and show how it types Jesus.

Joseph was the first son Jacob had by his beloved wife Rachel. His first wife, Leah who was Rachel’s sister, had already had sons and a daughter. But Rachel was barren. Jacob loved Rachel but not Leah. So God opened Leah’s womb and closed up Rachel’s.

All of these things represent or type spiritual things about Jesus and His Bride. The first wife, Leah represents the first one God dealt with, the O.T. Covenant of law. They brought forth their children first. But these were not the ones Jacob loved most. Finally after seeking God, Rachel was able to have Joseph. Now Jacob was old when Joseph was born. Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son. This types God loving the children of Grace more than the children of law. He said he loved Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. This means God loved the New Testament Church more than the old law group.

Rachel then birthed Benjamin. She had only two sons, showing the two witnesses or the two anointed Churches. Leah’s children represent the law children. More are the children of the desolate (law) than the children of the married wife = Grace church.

Jacob made Joseph a ‘coat’ of MANY colors. Now this shows that the body of Christ is made up of all nations of people. The fact of Jacob loving Joseph more than the others caused them to hate Joseph and be very jealous of him. So they sought to destroy him. This shows how those Jews hated Jesus and had him destroyed.

Joseph was spiritual and had dreams from God. This added to their jealousy. Joseph dreamed of his brothers and parents having to bow and worship him. When he told this dream, it caused more hatred. So the brothers sold Joseph into slavery. He was carried down into Egypt. This is showing Jesus coming here to this earth as a human being. Egypt types the world and the flesh.

The brothers sold Joseph for 20 pieces of silver. This of course shows Judas selling Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Down in Egypt Joseph became a servant to a great man. He was so loved and respected by this man that he gave him control over all he had. This showed how Jesus grew in favor with man and God. God placed Jesus over all that he has.

Then this man’s wife lied about Joseph and had him put into prison. This shows how the Jews lied about Jesus and had him carried before the rulers there at Jerusalem.

Jesus was in a type of prison while here in human flesh as we are also. This body is a prison. But even in prison God was with Joseph and gave him favor with the keeper of the prison so that he turned everyone there over to Joseph. See that God turned everything here over to Jesus.

The king put two of his officers into prison. They were His butler and his baker. These men represent the two thieves on the cross when Jesus was. They both had a dream and told them to Joseph. Joseph interpreted them and told one he would be restored and the other that he would be killed. This shows that one of the thieves was told by Jesus that he would be saved. The other was not.

Joseph told the one who was to be saved to remember him to the King. But the man forgot. The time Joseph spent in prison also represents the time Jesus was in hell. After two full years Pharaoh had a dream which troubled him. Then the butler remembered Joseph and told the king about how he could interpret dreams. So he sent and brought Joseph out of prison.

This represents the resurrection of Jesus. Joseph shaved and changed his raiment. This shows Jesus being changed into immortality at the resurrection, or coming up out of prison = hell.

After Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream to him, the king makes Joseph to be the second ruler in his kingdom. This shows God setting Jesus at his own right hand of power and authority.

Everyone is told to bow the knee to Joseph. Of course this shows how God will cause every knee to bow to Jesus. Then Pharaoh gave Joseph an Egyptian wife. This is God giving Jesus his earthly bride. He also gave Joseph a new name, which shows Jesus having a new name. Joseph was 30 years old when he stood before Pharaoh; same age Jesus started his ministry.

When the famine was upon the land Pharaoh told the people they had to go to Joseph and do whatever he told them. This shows we cannot go directly to God; we must go through Jesus. When the famine in the world is for hearing the words of the Lord, we must go to Jesus to be fed. Only those who have the stored up food can feed anyone. Joseph had that stored up food. The whole world at that time had to go to Joseph for food. This shows only in Jesus, the New Covenant can spiritual food be found.

Joseph had two sons before the famine set in. This shows the witnesses of God being anointed before the spiritually starved seven churches set in. They had seven years of plenty in which Joseph stored up enough food to take them through the seven years of famine. The years of plenty were when the Apostles were in power and gave the world the pure Word of God. Then the years of eating down this ‘vine’ set in and the seven churches came in.

Here Joseph and Benjamin represent the two witnesses. Joseph was representing the witness, which came before the seven churches, which was that apostolic church. They had the Word of God and wrote it down or stored it up for us to feed on after the famine set in as those worms ate down Jesus’ vine. Also Joseph’s two sons represent the two witnesses. Let me show you how: Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh: For God, said he, hath made me forget all my toil, and all my father’s house.

See this is showing that in the first witness born at Pentecost made the Israelites forget all the toil of the old law covenant they had been in bondage under. He called his second son Ephraim: For God hath caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction. See Jesus was fruitful here in this land of his prison.

But later after Jacob has been down in Egypt and is about to die he places his right hand on the younger son, Ephraim and set him over the firstborn. This shows that the glory of the latter house the second witness shall be greater than the former house. Also shows that the glory of the Grace house is greater than the former law house and that the elder shall serve the younger. This shows Adam, the flesh must serve the second Adam, Christ.

The famine was over the whole earth – this shows that when the seven churches set in they destroyed all the knowledge of the pure Word and took the whole world into darkness. Now the entire world has to go to Joseph to be fed. This means all have to go to the written or stored up word to receive food. You cannot find it in any of the other ‘countries’ = other religions other than the pure Word.

The last of the seven churches is NAKED, BLIND, WRETCHED, MISERABLE, STARVING FOR THE WORD = FAMINE FOR THE WORD. This shows that only the two witnesses have the pure food or corn of the Word. These two witnesses are those two horns on the ram = God’s true Church. It was represented by Peter and Paul.

See that the seven churches in Rev. has those 10 horns. Seven heads; 10 horns. A naked, empty church (7 churches) gone back to the 10 commandments. But they are starving for the Word. Laodicea is naked, lukewarm, spewed out of God’s mouth.

Jacob sends the 10 brothers down to Egypt to buy corn. These 10 brothers are the children of Leah

And the two handmaids. They are the ones in bondage to law. This is the seven heads with the 10 horns = 10 commandments, the law head of the fourth kingdom.

They go to buy, showing the foolish virgins, which is what the law group of people are, the foolish virgins. They are foolish because they cling to law after Grace was given.

The youngest son, Benjamin stays yet with the Father– showing that the second witnesses has not been anointed yet. The seven churches are making their last move of trying to buy corn.

When Joseph saw his brothers he knew them and made himself ‘strange’ to them. See he spoke to them in another TONGUE and by an interpreter. Gen. 42: 23.

This was fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost – Jesus their ‘brother’ made himself strange to that law loving group of people and caused them to not understand because their ruling brother, Peter spoke in another tongue and they could not receive it or understand it. They still do not understand it today. Jesus is still strange to them because of speaking to them in another tongue. See Joseph knew them; but they did not know him. Jesus knows them, but they do not know him for the reject the speaking in tongues by the Holy Ghost. Joseph spoke to them by an interpreter; this is the Holy Ghost. He must interpret it to you.

There is a lot more beautiful revelation in this story of Joseph. But I will cut it short here. I may try to add to this a little later. But this is long now so I will leave some of it out.

Let me finish by saying that after Joseph sees his youngest and only full brother Benjamin, the second anointed witness, he then reveals himself to His Brothers. They have by this time fulfilled his dreams of bowing to him and seeking food from him. He gave their money back, showing we buy without price and without money. The wise virgins, the grace people, do not buy and sell for we know that is the mark of the beast.

I love this story very much. If you desire more beauty study this and look for the way it shows the truth of the New Testament.

I hope you enjoy this study.

By: Jo Smith

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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