Law or Grace

This is one of my answers on Yahoo,…when a man asked, does his wife have the right to make him a sandwich.  He thinks women are to be beaten into submission.  Is this of God, or Satan?  Here is the truth:

My husband used to love to make me good sandwiches. He was very good at it also. Then my other husband, Jesus, set up the lowly, (WOMEN) AND BROUGHT DOWN THE HIGH, (self-centered men.)
Glory to God, Jesus gave me back the original RIGHTS which God gave to Mother Eve, in the first place, that of LEADING THE MAN….exactly what help meet..means. God gave back what God gave in the first place, and MEN took away. meaning Adam.
You know nothing.

I would gladly make my husband a sandwich, for he made me so many. That , my dear, is LOVE, something you apparently know nothing about.

Edit: God has moved on me to show you more of this great truth, which most of the world is missing. Law, is the enemy. God himself hates law. See, by law, men rule over their wives, to their own hurt. It is not of God.
Law and hate are together. See, by law, when one does bad, they are stoned to death…no forgiveness = no grace = no salvation.
Under the old covenant of law, people were BEATEN into submission….but it was not of God. He hated it, but showed the world what law is like. Obey or be killed.

The message of both law and grace are in the entire word of God, from Genesis to Revelation.
When men think they are to rule, especially to BEAT THEIR wives into SUBMISSION, they are of Satan, and living by LAW.
By this law is no salvation, for it is not of faith, or LOVE.
When women think they must be in submission, they have already been BEATEN.
But so has the man, for only in Grace, or EQUALITY, is any love or salvation.

Law is not in Christ. Grace is in Christ. In Christ is no male or female, but we are all ONE OR EQUALS.

We do what we do by LOVE, NOT LAW. When men say their wives must be in submission, they are using LAW. They do not want a WIFE, but a SLAVE.

It is not ‘RIGHTS’. It is Grace for everyone. Only in Grace is any salvation, so all men who wish to RULE are lost and headed to hell.
Jesus does not beat anyone into submission. He is the perfect example. Only by LAW are women told to be silent. In grace they are ONE, or equals, so both minister. in Christ there is NEITHER MALE NOR FEMALE.

So you who see female, beaten into submission are of Satan/law/Adam, lost.
You can’t conceive or equals, so you know not Jesus Christ.

By: Jo Smith .. 11/12/2010

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

4 thoughts on “Law or Grace

  1. Here is another of my  answers to the ‘law’ question, at Yahoo: I will answer your question.  This is WHY they deny this… they have no idea what it is speaking about, nor what the true Sabbath of God is.they also do not know that Adam/Satan, is the god of that old law, not the true God.Adam rebelled against God, his creator.  He set up animal sacrifices and the law system.  Read Isa 1 and 66.  These two chapter along with Lamentations, prove without a doubt that the true God, not  the god of this evil world, Adam,  HATES every tiny bit of that old law system.God shows this again in 11Cor 3, when he said that he abolished that old law system.  If it had ever been of God, it still would be.  God does not change.  If he hated it when Isaiah wrote, and he abolished it when Paul wrote, then he hated it to begin with.Now, see, those under that old law system, were already condemned.  If they had not been condemned, they would have found Grace.  Moses had found Grace.  Read Ex, and see.He pleaded with God to let that NATION belong to God, but God REFUSED, contrary to what everyone believes.  God chose ONLY MOSES, as Moses is the one who had grace, or faith.The rest were blinded.Now, read Isa 28.  It proves that the only true Sabbath of the true God, is the baptism of the Holy Ghost, as it came on the Day of Pentecost.  He said, THIS, (speaking in another tongue)…is the REST AND THE REFRESHING…yet THEY(law Jews) WOULD NOT HEAR.But they went away BACKWARD, and FELL BACK TO LAW.Now when any church tries to live under that law, they are returning to their vomit and the WORKS OF THAT OLD LAW…SO THEY WILL BE STONED TO DEATH, FOR THEY DO DESPITE TO THE SPIRIT OF GRACE AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, returning to the blood of animals.So God said, STONE THEM TO DEATH.It is their only hope.  They refuse the true Sabbath, and go on with the works of that old law, so God will destroy them all.  Those old people had no love for God or his truth, so they were destroyed.It was only a type and shadow of the real thing, …as they now desecrate the true Sabbath, denying the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues…the true REST OF GOD.= resting from our own works to the faith in Jesus Christ.


  2. …explaining Hosea 13, at yahoo.Carnal understanding here is the same as with many other Scriptures, causing people to speak evil of God, because they cannot understand it spiritual words.You all need to go study the book of Lamentations, quite a few times.  it proves that God totally did away with that old law nation, or law system or covenant.Jesus pronounced it desolate.But you ignore where this is coming from.  Go back up… a few verses…v7..I will be unto them as a lion…that is the first kingdom of beasts, Adams’ kingdom. next, as a leopard…this is the third kingdom, with four heads. which were, Shem, Ham, Japeth and then Abraham.  They made up the leopard was the bear kingdom, which was under Noah.  So all of the ‘beast’ kingdoms had come against each other.Now, v9, God shows that he is their help…so why think he is going to destroy them?v13,  here is where  you are missing the glory…it is Rev 12…birthing the MANCHILD, Christ in us the hope of glory.This picks up at the crucifixion and then goes on into that early church, birthing the Manchild, Christ in us.v14, shows the resurrection.  How could you miss this?  v15, the east wind, shows the coming of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost.So these OT rebels have repented and come to Pentecost = NT salvation.So, then it shows the fulfillment of Lamentation and Jesus’ pronouncing that they would become desolate.  It shows God abolishing that old law system and turning to the NT salvation.It is that old system which is desolate and destroyed.So what was the SWORD, THEY FELL BY?  THE sword of the Lord, NT teaching.  That old law fell and became NT salvation.that sword cut off that old dead system and brought them into new life.heir infants, the newborns, in the Lord, their manchild, was dashed in pieces…is referring to falling upon that stone, Jesus Christ.  It took away their carnality and gave them righteousness.They were dashed upon the STONES, THE Rocks, Peter, Paul, and all the NT ministers.  Thus they came into the New Covenant, leaving that old way behind…being resurrected into new life.Their women with child….being with child, shows they had a manchild, or Christ in them.   So now that old man, Adam, sinful man, was cut off them, or ripped up.So what you ‘see’ as bad, is really very good.Carnality will send your soul to hell, for you all judge the Holy God, and you know not how to make even one grain of sand or one star…yet some of you presume to judge the Holy and all powerful God.It will damn your own soul…and it will not be God’s fault.You do always resist the Holy Ghost, as your fathers did, so do you.


  3. Children, born since Calvary, are NOT born in sin, as everyone teaches. They go back to the OT for this. We are not in the OT. Jesus cleansed this entire world when he died. since then, children are clean until they go out and willfully sin.Your question does not pertain to this at all, as everyone who answered thought.They have not yet come to an understanding of law and grace.See, how carnal teaching do away with the GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, here. That is one of the biggest sins /mistakes, one can make.Since when did God say his Church no longer needs or has those gifts?that is horrible error. No, the gifts of the Spirit are NOT the childish things spoken of here. They do not wish to see the truth. LAW IS THAT CHILDISH stuff.To think one needs to live by laws, instead of Grace, Holy Ghost, is the utmost of childish thinking and there was NEVER any justification under that law.Scripture clearly teaches this.When we become a MAN, IS WHEN WE COME INTO GRACE and grow up in Christ.Not possible under the OT law.The only sacrifice we are to give him is the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name…living a Holy life, presenting our bodies a living sacrifice to God. refusing laws and sins.Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. So it is when we come to Christ, the Holy Ghost that we will be set free from the old deceptions of law.No one should ever have gone back to law, since the preaching of John the Baptist, for he brought in the Grace age.Since then, anyone who preaches old prophets and laws are an abomination to God.So, answer…when we are filled with the Holy Ghost we no longer live by any law or sin. We should then have all the gifts of the Spirit at work in our lives.No one denying these gifts could be in the NT church.Spiritual adultery is also keeping those ungodly holidays. That is idol worship, which is spiritual adultery against God. Yet almost all who claim to be Christians, do this very thing and feel justified by it. such deceptions.


  4. …one of my yahoo answers, concerning the fig leaves…When man took up law, he died.  Behold the FIG TREE.  Fig leaves.  The leaves of the TREE are for the healing of the nations.  That is the leaves of the Tree of Life.But what about that other tree?  Fig tree = law, or old Israel.So what they actually did was try to ‘cover’ their sins with LAW, OR ANIMAL SACRIFICES.That covering is never sufficient. Adam took them into law, contrary to God’s command not to go ‘there’.  Read Isa 1, and 66.   this was never of God.So they tried to sanctify themselves behind that tree in the midst, that fig tree, or law.  They tried, as most people have ever since, to make the law work for a covering, but it will never be accepted with God.The law is bondage, a curse and death.Fig ‘leaves’ will never heal the nations.


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