Missionaries of Satan

I have just finished posting a long, long thread, from our old MSN days, in which some Adventist and I had some HOT conversation.  It is long, but a lot, I mean a LOT of good teaching is in it…so it would be good for anyone to read this thread.
Here is the last post from that thread.
I want to post it here, separate from all of that, hoping it will reach some people who will not read that long thread.
This is truth, which the world hates, most people hate, but it is truth and will face you at judgment.

What will you do with God’s proven truth?

God gave us the HOLY GHOST to lead us, guide us and teach all truth. 


You refuse to answer my questions, because they will expose your SATANIC CULT as the anti-Christ junk that it is.


You will pay for all the ones you help lead astray, if any are stupid enough to deny NT Salvation for your cultist junk.


If that old law sabbath is the TRUE REST OF GOD,  what is the OTHER DAY GOD SPOKE OF IN HEB. 4?




I posted this on another thread, but will post it here also, as I don’t think you read other threads……as you are only concerned with strowing your false law dead religion.


Important message!


Anyone who teaches that NT Christians must go back under the dead old law covenant, is the enemy of your soul,  of Grace, of the kingdom of Christ and anti-Christ, denying the Blood of Jesus, doing despite to the Spirit of Grace,  and they are



I have never heard this term before.  I did not copy it from anyone anywhere.  God gave it to me today.


So I will call them this from now on — MISSIONARIES OF SATAN.  And that is exactly what they are.


All those people who claim that we must return to old Jewish things, and a fake, false name for our Saviour,  instead of  JESUS CHRIST,  is  MISSIONARIES OF SATAN.


Satan taught them, gave them his spirit, and sent them out to tear down the faith of as many people as they can reach.  And they are reaching and tearing down millions of people, because they did not have solid FAITH in the ENGLISH KJV.


Their main tactic is to ATTACK THIS HOLY BOOK OF GOD.  They try to make us all think that God did not know English, or care enough , or have the power to KEEP HIS WORD PURE AN  GIVE IT TO THE WORLD, IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.


All who try to say we must learn or study old Hebrew  and old Jewish  traditions and customs, in order to understand the Scriptures,  ARE MINISTERS OF SATAN;  MISSIONARIES OF SATANWORSHIPPERS OF SATAN.  SEEKING TO DESTROY YOUR SOUL AND TO TEAR JESUS CHRIST OUT OF EXISTENCE.


Now these are true words, from God.  so go believe the lies of Satan’s missionaries, if you wish;  hate me if you wish;  but all of these things will take you straight to a devil’s hell fire.


Jo Smith,  missionary for Jesus Christ.

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