My Ministry

My Ministry.

I wish to tell you all a little something about myself and my ministry. I know Satan has deceived the world into believing that a ‘female Christian’ is not permitted to teach or minister. That is certainly a lie of satan and a distorting of the Word of God.

People have not known how to rightly DIVIDE the Word of Truth.
First, let me say, do not believe those ministers who use the words,… give… sow… seed. .. etc. to entice you into thinking your work for God is to give your money to them. That is as false as saying that the devil is god.

There are millions and millions of ‘ministers’ who ‘lift you up’;’ encourage you; pat you on the back; tell you a little of how to live each day; and all such things. I mean this is all you ever hear. They all do this stuff.

But when it comes to EXPOUNDING or explaining the true meaning of SCRIPTURE, I find no one doing this.
It has been a life-long desire of mine to understand the truth of what God’s word is saying. I have studied the Word of God my entire life. I have spent many, many days, months, nights, years, studying and seeking the truth of Scripture.

I have prayed and prayed for God to reveal his truth to me. When I read anything in Scripture, I ask God to show me what it means. He does.

He said, seek and you shall find. I seek the truth. God sent me to teach what He has taught me. That is my mission and ministry. As I said, there are million + out there who give a little tiny message and lift you up. but I personally know of no one who is actually teaching the true meaning of God’s word.

So when all you want is someone to make you feel good, get you a little excited, and inspire you for a few minutes, you can find that about anywhere.

But to those who truly desire to know what Scripture MEANS, where are you going to find that? I sought it all my life but could not find it. I tried this church, that church, this preacher, that prophet, etc. In the end, all I had heard was LIES AND MORE LIES.

But my heart still hungered to know the truth of the Word. If you do not have this hunger, you may not even know God.
After many, many years of searching, seeking and being disappointed over and over, because it showed up that the one I was looking to, to teach me, had no truth themselves. I found most to be liars, adulterers, thieves, and all such wickedness.

They hide behind those church doors and that pulpit, to cover up their wickedness and get your money.
Now if that is all you ever want from your religion, you have it. But in the end, it will do you no good.

My one and only mission is the TEACH THE TRUTH and mysteries of God’s word. So when you think, ‘she does not lift us up’; she does not make us feel good; she does not go along with our doings; then just know that this kind of stuff will end up in the ditch.

You have millions out there who do that for you. But tell me, who teaches you the real truth of Scripture…tying scripture together, and bringing out what it truly means?
If you do not care to learn the truth, I fear you have a false religion.

Jesus said, MY SHEEP hear my voice and they know my voice and a stranger they will not follow.
When you follow those who speak lies, ( and honestly, I do not know of any that teach truth)… you are not showing that you know Jesus and his voice.

So, My only mission is, not to uplift you; not to pet you; not to soothe you over, but to TEACH YOU THE TRUTH OF SCRIPTURE.

This HAS TO BE DONE. We, the true children of God MUST COME INTO A UNITY OF THE FAITH. That is a command from God.

How can we come to a unity of the faith, when the entire church world believes and teaches LIES?

You are required by God, to prove all things. There is only one way to do this… prove that it is WRITTEN IN SCRIPTURE, not crossing any other scripture and tying with all scripture, perfectly. Who do you know that can and does do this?
I personally know of no one.

So this is my calling and message from God… to teach His truth as the apostles did.
By: Jo Smith… Feb 3, 2016.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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