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p.s.  I posted this under another thread, not thinking I should do it as a new thread, not wishing to draw much attention to this…but after reading it, I feel in my spirit that I should post it here, again, so I CAN draw attention to it.

As I normally never have said anything about politics on my sites, and I have never allowed it, as it is a trouble maker, yet this thing bothers my spirit, so I am breaking that a tad here and saying something.  I know some will not like it, but then that is almost always the case with such things.

I hold this totally as a site to discuss God and his word, yet we live in this world and must seek God’s will in all things.  We do not need to be as sheep led to any slaughter, if we can pray and find God’s protection.

There are many things we cannot know and sometimes it best not to know.  But we need to be enlightened and pray about all things.

I put this here, so as not to draw much attention to it.  Probably it will not even be read.  I did not wish to make a new thread on this. Maybe I should, though.

But here goes:  I find it strange and upsetting as to why our president headed straight to Asia just as soon as the election proved to be unhappy to him.  do any of you feel something is very amiss here?
Why is he so happy there?  Have any of you ever noticed that all the pictures we ever see of him, HERE, he is always frowning, scrawling, and looking mad, angry, fierce, with lips poked out, as though he wishes to destroy us.  He never looks directly to the camera, but always looks away.

It has seemed to me for a long time that he actually hates us; hates America.  I truly feel this deep inside myself.

But I notice that just as soon as he hits Asia, among Muslims, he is all smiles and waves, something I never see him doing here, in America.

I loved President Bush, no matter who speaks ill against that man.  He was a joy to see, ALWAYS.   That man always waved, smiled and looked AT US.
He is a very pleasant man.  All I have ever seen from Obama is an ugly frown and hate look on his face.  It has truly bothered me a long time.  (I think our leader should look pleasant to US, sometimes).
Yet the last picture he did here, before hopping off to his home in Indonesia, was so ugly it looked like his bottom lip was totally turned inside out.  He looked like a spoiled brat, which did not get his way. He was pouting because Republicans gained some votes.  Such CHILDISH BEHAVIOR has no place as a leader of our country!

I am not making this up.  Just go look at all the news done on that day.  it is all over the place. then look at how happy he and his wife are OVER THERE.
If that does not bother you, I say you need to come out of your ‘sleep’, wake up and stop blinding yourself.  SOMETHING IS BAD WRONG.
I feel this strongly in my spirit.  It is not about politics, as you all well know that I do not get involved in that sort of thing.
This is much deeper than that.  I feel it involves our own safety and future lives as “Americans”.

Now if any of you take this to mean that I am just against a black ( or part-black) president, I declare to you that that is not the case.
My spirit warns me, and I have never seen it wrong yet, that there is something bad wrong, in the making and out of control.

I know there are things in the political world which I know nothing about, but it truly seems to me that he ran from something ….to something else… for some bad reason.

I do not trust those people in India and Indonesia.  They are not for Christians.
They are not for Americans.
I tell you, in the name of the Lord, we all need to pray a lot, truly seek God, for something is bad wrong.  I am telling you I feel this very strongly.
I have never felt something like this before.  Pray.  Seek God.  Seek for His protection for us and our families.  Satan is on the loose and very much at work and at the head of these things.

Christians are being deceived into thinking they must accept, love and harmonize with all other religions.  I tell you it is A BIG LIE.
We are to be true to the only true God, and His Son, Jesus Christ and reject all others.

You cannot serve two.  You cannot be faithful to two.  Two cannot walk together except they be agreed.  That is God’s word.
So then, are you agreed with Allah?  Is that the name of your god?  He is not my god.  He is Satan.  That word is not in the KJV as a name of God.
His spirit is not God’s true spirit.  It is satanic.  It will kill us and destroy us unless God protects us and stops their evil agenda.
This is very

People pray.  Seek God.  We need his help in this hour.  I feel very strongly that we are being  BETRAYED right now, into the hands of our enemies.

By: Jo Smith  …Nov 9, 2010

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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