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When God is preparing a person for a work He wants this person to do, the person will become obsessed with something that is preparing this person for the job that God has for this person to do.

To the eyes of others, the person seems to be ‘off’.  They are not understood by those around them, even those closest to the person.   Many times the person may not even be aware of why they are so obsessed with this thing.

If or when God wants a person to do a certain job, God himself prepares and equips this person for the job.  This is even written in Scripture.

I have told on some of my early messages, that unless you are equipped to do a job, that is not your job to do.  God does not send a person out in a work for God, and the person not be prepared to do it.   God is fully able and does do the preparing of the person he chooses to do this thing for God.

Julian Assange had an obsession with computers and learning how to hack them, at a young age.  It even cost him his girl friend and the mother of his one child, Daniel.

But in the years of seeking his knowledge of computers and how to hack them, he built up a business which is now playing a major role in the winding up of out time and this age we are now living in.

The work of this one man, Julian PAUL Assange, has become the means of proving the evil that has caused our country to almost be destroyed by corrupt people in government;  particular the Clintons.

God was preparing Julian for this great work, in his obsession with the computer.  Julian himself may not have known why he had this obsession, but He just knew he could not stop himself from seeking all that knowledge of computers.

It has been the same way with me.  All my life I was obsessed with the desire to know the truth of SCRIPTURE.  I began memorizing the scripture when I was in the fifth grade.  I hung onto every message I heard preached during my childhood, for I so hungered to know the truth of God.

In my young years, as a young mother, I once had a lady whom I did not even know, call me on the phone and ask me if it was true, what she had heard, that I neglected my housework, to study the  Scripture.  I told her yes, I guess I am guilty of that.

See, the word had somehow gotten around that I so much loved to study the word of God.

I am not ashamed that I put studying the word of God ahead of all else.  It is more important than all else and all else will end but the word of God will endure eternally.

Only when we have that  Word hidden in our hearts, will we be able to endure to the end and finally, find salvation and eternal life.  ETERNAL LIFE.  Now that is something to be taken seriously.  It is not going to be handed out to ‘church members’  or ‘tithe-payers’, or sabbath keepers.  It is not going to be handed out to ‘believers’…..and that is all you ever had in your life toward the Eternal God.

Unless you have loved HIS TRUTH, sought his truth, HID HIS TRUTH IN YOUR HEART, and obeyed his TRUTH, will you be given eternal life.

So it pays to be obsessed with obtaining this TRUTH.

It will be a very sad time for church members, when you stand before God, and he says, I never KNEW you.  You will say, I went to church regularly, paid tithes, etc.  He will say to you, depart from me, you workers of iniquity.  You loved the ways of the world.  YOU had your idols always, in your life.

You kept the devil-worship holidays, which is against all of my word.  you loved your idols.

But that is not what this message is about.  

And I am sure that if anyone read this far, that will stop you from reading what I really need to tell you in this message.

When God is working in a life, you must put him FIRST, ahead of your chores, your joys, your own doings.

This is where most folks will fail;  they come first; not God – not his word; not his calling in your life.

I had left the computer, to go do some things that I need to get done.  But this message just kept coming to me, so I had to come back and write it.

It may not mean a thing to anyone else, but I am responsible to God to deliver it.

You do not understand this, but the words that Larry Bray and I are now sending out, are for JUDGMENT to the church world.

We did not just up and decide to do this thing, for if that were true, it would not be worth a grain of dirt.  But because it is a calling of God in our lives, and we are obeying Him in doing this ministry, IT WILL BE DESTRUCTION to those who disobey and count these words as 


Just because you do not understand this or believe it, WILL NOT KEEP IT FROM ACCOMPLISHING THE WORK GOD SENT IT TO DO.

God has greatly rewarded me for the many years of diligently studying his precious Word, by revealing much, much of its secrets to me.

I have written thousands of messages, which were totally inspired by God and proven by his Word.  These truths are totally different from what the church or the world believes and teaches.

They have taught this world LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES.

It is the same in the political world….lies and more lies.  So the truth has fallen in the ‘streets’ as God said it would.

But God has sent his truth out.  Over the past few years, both Larry and I have worked and worked to give out the truth.

It is there for anyone who desires to read and learn the truth.  We do not see it happening.  The church folks love the ways of satan too much to give it up and turn to the true God.

So now, time is running out and God is sending us with the message of DESTRUCTION.

We are now at the same place the OT System was, when Jesus and Paul came on earth.

We now have a Daniel, A Paul, An Isaiah,  and the seven trumpets sounding.

Much more.

But I wish to  tell you something about Larry.  I hope he does not mind.  If you do, let me know and I will delete this part.  Wish I could ask you before I write something personal about you.    I looked to see if you are online and do not see you.

So I am going to risk this.

A few years ago, Larry was very sick.  A friend and I went and prayed for him.  God raised Larry back up.  Larry was at one time in the Nursing home.  But he rose up on his own, and walked out of there.  He knew God was not finished with him.  Several other times Larry seemed to be fixing to leave here.  But each time, God raised him back up.  Satan tried to destroy Larry before he could write these messages of coming destruction to a weak, dead and evil church system.

Now Larry sits and writes some of the most powerful messages ever to come from anyone.  They are messages set to either save you or destroy you.  It will depend on whether you listen and obey or keep rejecting.

You may not wish to hear this, but it is true just the same.  God has put into the both of us, a power you know nothing about.  I am not boasting in flesh.  I am telling you truth that you need to hear.

As this nation now sits on the brink of either another chance with God, or destruction….so does the church system.

You  are now at a crossroads.

God is giving you a chance to either accept the truth coming to you, through the messages of both Larry and me, or else through your continued rejection of obeying God, you will be destroyed.

I had meant to go do something else that I need to do, but  God gave me this message, so I came back to the computer to write and tell you what God has said.

Repent of this your sins;  your idol worship;  your lack of love for the truth of God, repent OR PERISH.

There is nothing else left for you.

Jo  Smith…..  November 2, 2016

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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