Our David

God’s chosen and anointed KING, David, had constant wars..his enemies were always out to get him….
but he came out victorious..

We now have a God-chosen president and he is in the same kind of place as the wonderful King David.

His enemies never stop trying to slander and take him down.

But as God upheld and protected David, so will He protect His chosen president. I do not know about George Washington and all those early presidents…
but…..I dare say that not in a very longgggg time has there been a God-chosen president.

Our Donald is the best and our lovely First Lady is the best.

Our First Son is so very well behaved and just a sweet lovely Son.

We are blessed.

the enemies will not sleep till they can dream up some more evil to spew out against the man who is working day and night to bring our country back from the very brink of destruction.

It will be a long hard job. But if this type follows any further than King David, there will come a time of peace.
There will come a King Solomon. This is the one that God gave a time of peace to.

I pray we also have a time of Peace……….in the meantime,,,,pray and keep our David in prayer….keep our Melania in prayer.

Keep Barron in prayer. May God keep them and protect them. We are blessed to have them….and no matter what evil the wicked dream up,,,we know we have the very best for our nation.

Jo Smith


Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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