Praise Our Lord Jesus Christ

  We are here to praise our Lord Jesus Christ, who has given us glory and salvation.  Our God is fully able to deliver us>>> from all evil>>> all sickness >>> and give us ETERNAL LIFE in Glory.

We love you, our Saviour, and our God.  Blessed be the God and Father OF our Lord Jesus Christ.
He is the giver and maker of all.  Blessed be his name forever.
Your loving daughter,
Jo  Smith  

I want to tell you something, very important. All the internet-made devotionals, pictures, cute sayings, or just a little thing or two about Jesus or church or anything of this nature, WILL NEVER FEED YOUR SOUL.

You may think this kind of stuff is spiritual, but it is merely a pacifier. Put a pacifier in a babies mouth; he may suck it a while and be quiet. But in a short while that baby will cry out for FOOD. If it is not given to him, he will DIE.

The same thing is very true spiritually. all the devotionals in this world, or made up stuff, will destroy you, for your soul is starving. All the holidays are just soul-poison.
You may pretend it is to or of Jesus, but that is nothing but deception.

I write full messages, full of pure Scripture, revelation to me from the eternal God. This is SOUL-FOOD. It is the only thing that can feed your soul = truth from God’s word.
You may not like it; may seem bitter to you; but without TRUTH, your soul will die eternally.
Another thing, when you see things running around the internet, specially facebook, saying, repost this and god or an angel will bless you or do something special for you….BELIEVE IT NOT. This is nothing but WITCHCRAFT.
Don’t fall for this kind of junk. It is NOT OF GOD. God does not work in such a way.
Do not challenge others, or allow yourself to fall into this stuff….of saying IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, or IF YOU LOVE JESUS, repost this.
I am telling you, this is not how one testifies about or for Jesus.

What I am doing right now…. = my own words and thoughts, going out to you all, and speaking truth, IS THE ONLY THING GOD WILL EVER ACCEPT, or bless you for.
Jo Smith



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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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