Questions For You

I was just reading in Jeremiah 51.  This came to me but I have not had time to get into it good yet.  What do any of you think….I believe it is showing that Babylon, or Old Jerusalem, (being the same thing)…is OLD TESTAMENT, or Adam/Law.
Therefore, New Jerusalem is New testament, or Grace/Jesus.
One is condemnation and is doomed to destruction, as God brings his wrath against it.  I also think this was done at Calvary, yet to be fulfilled in finality.

Babylon is full of idols,…and we know that OT group was full of idols.
Babylon destroyed all the slain of the earth…at Babylon all the slain of the earth fell.  So it is showing that all who follow that old law covenant, are fallen….wow…this just keeps coming out as I write…Paul said they are FALLEN from Grace, when they go back to law.

So it is true.  Babylon is Old Testament.  It is doomed to death.

there are just the two trees.  It keeps going back to that.  I truly think I could expound on this all night, but right now, I think I am going to get off and go to bed.

By: Jo Smith  Oct 22, 2010

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

One thought on “Questions For You

  1. Therefore, New Jerusalem is New testament, or Grace/Jesus.  Amen!!! It may also be called the New Covenant, and I do agree with you on the sentence above.


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