Relationship Between God & Satan

This is one of my answers, on Yahoo. to the above question:

Relationship between God and Satan…My answers here will seem wrong, because truth of this has been hidden under false doctrines so long…but I have solid proof, in Scripture…so..
Satan is God’s son, Adam. Adam was the anointed cherub (means a glorified being)…having been given power over this world, by God, his father.
He was not satan then. Satan is a descriptive term, same as thief or liar. But this son became lifted up in pride and jealousy and wanted to be God himself.
So he rebelled and drew many angels off to himself. They went with this ‘Absalom’ son. He was the most beautiful creature and the most powerful of those lower than God.

This is in Eze 28. He claimed I am God,..But God said to him, you are just a man. So God cast him out of the Garden because of his wickedness.
Since it was a man who led the world into sin, it also had to be a man to deliver us and bring us back to that ‘cherub’ or glorified stage.

In Job we find that when the sons of God came to present themselves to God, SATAN CAME ALSO AMONG THEM. He was a son of God.

If no one had loved us enough to be a sacrifice, then all would have been lost, as God would not let sinful man back into the garden.

Adam is that old serpent. He is the one who deceived Eve. They did not actually EAT some fruit, as we eat food. It means what they partook of. They were in GRACE to begin with. They fell from Grace, and took up LAW, which requires animal sacrifices, Heb 10
God HATED THIS. He had commanded Adam not to ever do this. God has never wanted or accepted animal sacrifices. It was ADAM who did this thing. He tricked Eve into thinking it was the thing we needed to do, for the old testament was also there, for them to read.
They had the new testament also, but turned to the old. Read 11Cor 3. It shows that reading the old testament BLINDS PEOPLE.

All of these LAW claimers, are under this same delusion, that it takes LAW to serve God. Jesus knew this error and brought us again, back to Grace.

Eve only did what Adam told her to do, which was to kill and sacrifice a pig, to Adam, as god..Isa 65.

They thought they could sanctify themselves this way. but it failed. It cannot do that. Eve saw the wrong and REPENTED and turned back to the true God.
Adam never repented. He is the devil.

The answers going before had no logic, for they were all wrong. Truth is very simple and clear. This is the truth of the matter.
Eve was persecuted for her serving the true God in Grace. Abel was killed for the same reason.

Abel did not kill any sheep. Cain is the one who offered animal sacrifices, which God hates. Abel offered people to God, whom he had taught and brought into serving the true God.

Abel presented his body a LIVING SACRIFICE, which is the only acceptable one with God.

Jesus was paying the sin debt, that is why he died for us. Without Eve, and her return to the true God, there would be no humankind. Without her prayers for her seed not to be destroyed in the flood, no one would exist today.  All of this is solidly proven in written Scripture, not made up junk. Of course it is too much to write here. Jesus Christ is HER SEED.

By: Jo Smith
Oct. 13, 2010

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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