Seven Completes It

you know that ‘seven’ completes a thing…. a week…. finishes a thing….then eight is a new beginning

so 7 …. 7…. 7…. is a total ending

Cain killed Abel and God said if anyone kills Cain vengeance will be taken on him …. seven…fold

then one of his descendants. called Lamech also killed a man and said, I will be avenged 77 times.
watch this. first . 7….then 77
watch this. first . 7….then 77

Then another Lamech, dad to Noah. turned 777 the year of the flood. He died immediately before the flood hit. I learned this doing some deep math studies years ago.

Now watch this. first 7….then 77….then 777. and the flood came and destroyed that entire evil age and Noah came to this side and began a new world

Now Donald Trump was 70 years old when he became president….. that is 7

at the ending of his second term.. on that SEVENTH year, Donald will be 77

It will be the seventh year he is president….he turns 77… see…. 7… 77…777

again. too perfect not to be right
now in his last year it will be the 8th year. a total new beginning. I fully believe that God showed me we will go into the REST for the entire world at that time

the wicked ones will be destroyed and a new world of peace will begin. that is glorious

Noah landed on the mountain in the 7th month….he sent out a raven….then a dove….she came back and he waited another 7 days and set her out again….then she came back with an olive leaf…then he waited another 7 days….and came out of the ark…to begin a new world….do you see this….. 7 …..7…. 7 …again. study this till you see it

I think Jesus has set up his work now….separating the sheep from the goats….I don’t think evil will rise up again.

it is over. the harvest is being completed now

but see, that darkness has already fallen. we are now coming out of that……they are now trying to ‘crucify’ our ‘lord.. impeach him, impeach him…it is the same thing only this time we will rise above it all and satan is going to be destroyed off this earth.

we have a great day coming and it is six years off
in that SEVENTH YEAR we will take over the world

Yes, we his people, will fulfill Psalm 149. read it. Donald Trump could not tell the world what I do…that xmess and other holidays are evil and devil worship….if he did the millions who now love him would turn against him and stop this great work that he is doing….but see, it is for ministers like me to tell that truth. We will be the ones who set up the kingdom of Jesus Christ one this earth…in 8 years.

right now I don’t believe there will be another president. could be wrong…but as I see it, we are now fixing to go into the reign of Christ on this earth.

I am very excited over this revelation. Yet I still wondering about those seven days that Noah was in the ark before the rain fell. but I think we are beyond that…..down to the coming out of the ark.

I had not intended to share this here, yet. but since I wrote all of the above to someone on the buddy, just decided to copy it to here without having to type it all over again. besides I need it to reference back to

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