Speaking In Tongues

This is an answer I put on Yahoo. when someone asked about is speaking in tongues for the purpose of speaking to those of a different language.  I post this here, as a new topic, so I can link it to my Facebook, since almost everyone is misled about this subject:


No. Speaking is tongues was NEVER used to speak to someone of another language. It is NOT an earthly language, nor is it for any person. This is false doctrine, because people simply do not read Scripture close enough to ever really see what it IS saying.

They go to when the great crowd was gathered together and heard the message preached. They twist this and say the speaker was speaking in tongues. Not so. No one was in the upper room when the Holy Ghost fell, except 120 people. All of these spoke in tongues, as they were filled with the Holy Ghost.

Not one of those 120 needed any interpretation. They all spoke the same language. It is not that. It was the Spirit bearing witness that He had come into them.
No one else was there. Read Acts 2, if you want the real truth.

Later, AFTER this was noised abroad, (does not say how long this took; could have been a week or more)…but after it was noised abroad, THEN the great crowd came together. This is the group where so many different languages was.
But the speaker was not speaking in tongues. Read it. Nothing here is said about them speaking in tongues. it said all the people HEARD them in their own language.

The speaker could not have been speaking in 20 or so, different languages. He was speaking in his OWN language, but God gave the listeners the understanding of what he said. This was a miracle which only God did… giving the hearers the understanding. It was NOT SPEAKING IN TONGUES, as everyone says.

Now about the gift of tongues: Paul said in 1Cor 14:2, He that speaks in an unknown tongues speaks NOT UNTO MEN, BUT UNTO GOD.

Now that is the whole truth of this. Speaking in tongues is not so a person of a different language can understand what you say. It was never used for that. It is the Holy Ghost speaking through a person, TO GOD. We worship, sing, pray in tongues. It is a most wonderful gift, which the devils hate.

By: Jo Smith 11-11-10

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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