The Traitor

Watching the signs in earth going on all around us:
Now, the past jerk who had a chance to lead the world for eight years..(a number meaning a finished week and a new beginning)…well this jerk is Adam.
He is now twitching and twirling all over the place with his pervert ‘wife’.
They are following the true President around, still pretending they are the leading man…the rightful ‘ruler or owner’ of the world.
see it?
Satan or Adam, the old serpent, is still around, hissing his enchantments,,trying to deceive everyone.
He is still pretending that God has not taken him down and put up a faithful ‘son’.
to rule this world.
but the traitor is still in there, (running the lukewarm church)…pretending he is IT…He is the son of God…he is the true leader….but in fact all he does is spread around LIES and evil.
right now, we see BOTH leaders fighting to get control. who will win?
JO Smith


Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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