Three Unclean Beast

Tweety, or anyone, In Rev 16, it speaks of three unclean spirits

coming out of the ‘mouth’ of the beast.
What is this beast and what do you think those three unclean spirits are?
God has revealed this to me today and I want your thoughts before I show what God revealed to me.


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

12 thoughts on “Three Unclean Beast

  1. Freeborn,So sorry it has taken me so long in answering. I saw that you had posted alot of messages lately. And I have been eager to read and study this out. So, I am reading Rev. 16 now. And this is what I think it is. The wrath that the fifth angel poured out on the beast and his kingdom is Adam and his kingdom.I do not understand about the fourth angel. Maybe as I read more I will understand.Well, let me get back to reading.Love Ya.Tweety


  2. Hi, Tweety.  I have been watching to see when you finally get to come in.  I am glad you did.  I finally received the full chapter.It is totally amazing.How did we ever miss this?Guess we can only get it when God opens our understanding.  I mean when God showed me this, it just blew me backwards, so to speak.  and it is so crystal clear.It has opened up so much to me, since He revealed those three unclean spirits to me.But believe me, it is making me enemies faster than I can count …   they do hate the truth.Love to you and I pray you do receive this revelation.Larry read it and he immediately saw it was truth.I talked to my daughter, Rhonda,  on the phone, and without telling her what I thought, I asked her, what do you think those 3 spirits are.She immediately said, TRINITY.God showed it to her right then and confirmed this truth.Jo


  3. Freeborn,I hope you had a good day on the day you turned 75. We had 15 inches of snow yesterday. I stayed home. I was reading Isaiah 41-44. As long I read some of the word daily I feel fine. But I truly hate it when I can not get many chapters in a day. I have been on CARM for the last three days. How many times is John 1:1 gonna be discussed? And with the same twisted answer. If they would only see that what they believe and say totally goes against what the rest of the Bible says. Well, I just had to jump in and tell them what the truth of John 1:1 was, and now I am called a cultists. Whatever that may mean. I guess if you do not believe how they believe you are a cultist and should be ignored. They are the same everywhere. But I will not give up on them. Poor souls. It is like watching a cat chasing it’s tail.Love Ya.Tweety


  4. Hello Tweety,Now that is so funny and true….a cat chasing his own tail.  going round and round is an endless circle of confusion.  so right.It certainly seems hopeless to get anyone to open up and seek and see any truth.yes, John 1 has been distorted so long, they all think that unless we believe baby Jesus was god, we cannot be christians.  btw, have you read the messages On the Revelation thread yet?  on Rev 16?  it is so good.  I do hope I can get some ink soon and get my printer going.  I so much love to read these message in my hand;  not sitting here.Eric called me just now.  We had a good long conversation.  He will be getting out soon and is going to spend some time with me fixing some of the mess that they left me cutting down the trees.I painted my pyramid building today.  Periwinkle blue.  very outstanding color.Hope to finish it to morrow.  Hope you all soon get some good weather.  supposed to be nice here youJo


  5. Freeborn,I am on Carm and they answered my question on the trinity board about the son being pre exsisted. Now, I showed them that John the Baptist had the Holy Ghost inside of him, and by having the Holy Ghost inside of him before he was born did not make him holy like Jesus at all.So, only sometimes the Holy Ghost, which is GOD, is only sometimes holy and sometimes not.What a confusing mess.Love Ya.tweety


  6. Freeborn,People can not cherry pick who is holy and not holy in the Bible. I guess they believe that John was not holy even when the Holy Spirit was inside of him before he was born.Jesus is the only person in the Bible that is holy. What a mess.Tweety


  7. Tweety, I truly wonder is there anyone left who can come to understand truth?  I find it harder and harder to even try to teach.I cannot get any friends on FB or anywhere, for they all hate to hear truth.We are in a bad time, except for the few of us who are open to God’s truth.a baby god?  that is so CRAZY.The eternal God became a helpless baby, later killed by man-men.  My my.  If there ever was an idol that is one.JO


  8. Freeborn,Truth is so far from many people. Even when they read it with their own eyes. Let me ask you this:1. How did Moses see God face to face when the Bible clearly says that no man can see GOD and live?I know the answer. But no one that I have spoken to can conceive the possibility that it can happen the way I say it happened.Love Ya.Tweety


  9. Freeborn,Well, I have been talking all day on CARM. Yes, we got into the discussion of Adam. And from some of the tone of the answers that I got back, they have no clue to what I am talking about. And I proved alot of what they believe wrong. So, they are kinda mad and anyoned right now at me. I do not expect to get anymore answers out of anyone over there. I asked questions, backed up what I said with scriptures? And what do I get? Shut down. No body talking.Maybe they are studing what I was saying about Jesus and Adam.I guess they think I am crazy for even associating Adam and Jesus together.You know that Jesus said GOD is a Spirit. And then Jesus said that he had flesh and bones. I just showed them that Jesus and GOD are two different things.Well, why did I say that on a TRINITY board. You know they think GOD is JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.Or something like that. Now, they are questioning about the trinity. They said the son pre existed. I said NO. No man has entered heaven. So I asked how can that be true?I turned everything they said and believed in into a contradiction to GOD’s WORD. OH WELL! They should just grab that bible and study. Because you know I do.Love Ya.Tweety


  10. Hi Tweety.That is good.  I quit there long time ago.  They sent me a warning note and I will not fight through that anymore.A WORD to the wise is sufficient says the Lord.  When we must beat them over the head, it is in vain.  you are doing a great job.  Keep studying.Tell me how you see that Moses saw the Lord.and also, please go read the messages on the Rev board.I have been painting again.  We were supposed to have another pretty day today, but right now it seems to have gone the other way.  tomorrow is supposed to be freezing rain and sleet.  but will warm back up for the weekend.Be so glad when spring comes.bye,Love to you,Jo


  11. Freeborn,Well, I was trying to have a good discussion about the Trinity thing. And when they believe Jesus is GOD, and I provided scriptures showing that he was not. And when they said I was mistaken and wrong and mixed up. Then they said he was holy from the beginning. I then asked them to provide me scriptures showing where Jesus had done any miracles before his baptism.And I just checked back and they did not respond yet. So, maybe they are still searching. Because you know if Jesus was GOD from birth then he would have done some miracle when he was young.Where do they get that he was holy from birth? The scriptures do not say that. Oh well. On day they will get it. Love ya.Tweety


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