Hi Tweety,

been thinking…..  seems something ‘showed’ me that Mary, mother of Jesus, came from the tribe of LEVI.
can’t remember just what triggered this the first time I thought it…..was pondering things about this….
then seemed clear to me that Mary was of Levi; not Judah.
I asked how to prove this….
mary and elizabeth, John’s mother, were cousins……both Eliz and john’s dad, were Levites.  or sons of Aaron.
so, since Mary is never once, (that I can find) shown in scripture, to be of the tribe of Judah/David……..and since it is necessary to prove that Jesus was of the seed of DAVID……..
if he had only one human parent……being Mary…….then scripture should/would   make it clear to Mary was of the house of David…..would it not?  I think so
since it does not point this out even once…..and I know for a fact at least three times, it points out that JOSEPH  was of the house of David……seems to me more convincing that Jesus was the natural son of Joseph…..hence the seed of David, according to the flesh…..Romans 1:4.
I know that Mary was a virgin……not disputing this…BUT that seed was placed in her by the Holy 
Ghost….and it was human seed………had to come from Joseph…..else it lies when it says, in more than one verse….that Jesus is the SON OF JOSEPH.
So, as you and I see Eve in many scriptures,   I think Mary must also be in there…..and must be revealed to us…….do you think so?  If so, I hope we can begin seeing Mary’s identifying scriptures. 
Hope you can help with this.


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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