What Is The Dust?

This is one of my answers on the Q/A at Yahoo.  It is about our soul cleaving to the dust, Psm. 119:25.

David is NOT the speaker in Psalm.  Jesus is.  This is Jesus speaking.  It is pure prophecy. God made man of the dust of the ground, breathed into his nostrils the breathe of life and this dust man became a living soul.
That soul is now imprisoned inside that DUST.  This is how that ‘serpent’ was made to go on his ‘belly’ and dust became his ‘meat’.
It is totally spiritual words.  Man is now imprisoned inside these dust bodies and we cannot get out.  Jesus was the same.  Jesus is the one who had declared all the judgments of God’s mouth, V13.

Until you learn to read the Word of God seeing Jesus in it, not David, not other earthly men, you will miss its great truth.  The Word of God is about Jesus, not David.  Jesus is called David in several Scriptures.

So this verse shows that dust is the ‘serpents’ meat or the way we now live = inside a frame of dust.  Our soul now cleaves to this dust frame which is my ‘house’ or body.  it is a prison.  Man was once free, as the anointed cherub in Eze. 28.  He was not in a frame of dust at that time = the beginning of God’s son, Adam.

Yet everyone tries to make that old serpent be a snake.  Such foolishness.  God put Adam into a body of dust, AFTER HE SINNED IN EZE. 28.  So Jesus was also imprisoned in the DUST.  His soul was cleaving to that body of dust.
Death frees us from this DUST.  The house of dust decays, but the soul is set free.  Glorious truth.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

2 thoughts on “What Is The Dust?

  1. Freeborn,Why do they not come here and battle you in the open with us? Why is this? Do they feel that they can destroy you through an e-mail? Oh Please! GOD’s WORD will never change or expire. Some of my answers were deleted from Yahoo answers also. We need to leave Yahoo Answers alone. It is sickening all those very sick questions that they ask.You need to do what you need to do about that land. Show him you will not sit back and take anymore abuse from him.I hope that people do come to the board and lean some truth. But I know that many will not until it is too late.All we can is continue to study the WORD OF GOD for ourselves.Be Blessed. I am going to check and see if any of our new members at NING has decided to respond to the comments that I have left them. Be Blessed.Tweety


  2. Good girl.  And thanks for backing me up.  I was just reading some in Psalm and singing praises to God.  He gives me great peace and joy.  His word gave me assurance and your words confirm it.  I Believe my God will deliver me.I do not know why people wish to stop us but they do.  They hate God’s real truth.  When we tell them that Jesus was not God, it blows their minds.  Then add that Adam is Satan and you may as well set off the bombs.We need to pray that God will stop all these wicked bombings.  it is works of devils.  See when people do not worship the true God, he stops protecting them. The satan lets loose on them, and the wicked ones blame the evil on God.But it is Satan’s doings .  It can happen to them because God is no longer protecting them.Unless God changes my mind before tomorrow some time, I intend to go to the judge and seek to start the suit.  I pray the man will come forth and do the right thing then, without letting it go to court.  Pray that he will.I have to do something.  I have got to try and sell this place now, I guess, myself.  I cannot get the reverse mortgage so I must try something else.  It just takes so much time the other way and I want so much to get off this horrible road and away from that wicked neighbor.But God has blocked the way so far.  His will be done.  I pray all is well with you and yours.  I hope to get back to doing some studies here.  I get some good things when I read, but do not write it up.  I am having a horrible time with some things I ordered off Ebey .  I will never do it again, (I hoPe).  but now have a mess to work out.   some other griefs also.  just too much right together.  have been feeling depressed a few days.  Unusual for me.  But God will deliver.I long for Christian fellowship but cannot find it.  So just sing praises to God alone.Love,JO


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