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I just wanted to share this with you all:  (just love it when someone sees some of this truth and does not mind saying so).


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The reason is IS two different creations. They are not the same in any kind of way. The carnal mind, and those who never study God’s word, teach lies and bring others into their own deception.

Genesis one is the life of Jesus Christ and his true Church. The apostles are the firmament in the midst of the WATERS. Waters are the peoples of this world. Chapter one is the new heaven and new earth, created by Jesus Christ, AFTER HIS RESURRECTION, beginning at Pentecost.

All who are baptized into the body of Christ, by the Holy Ghost baptism, are part of this new heaven/earth, and are the lights in this firmament. It is NOT BACK YONDER. It began with the birth of Jesus Christ. Genesis one is prophecy. It was not fulfilled at creation of the universe.

Those days are not human, earthly days. It is periods of God’s dealings. Such as a DAY OF SALVATION….A DAY OF JUDGMENT…A DAY OF WRATH.

Too much carnality in dealing with God. People who never study Scripture try to teach it. Hush. Let truth come forth a change.

Chapter two is the creation we are in, in our human body of dust. I have been translated out of this world, into the kingdom of Christ…so now I live in chapter one creation, but not fully yet, for I am still in a body of DUST, awaiting resurrection, fully into chapter one creation.

If chapter two were retelling of chapter one, as some claim, there would be no differing. But truth is, there is no comparison. If a person compares these two chapters, it is not the same in any kind of way. If God were retelling chapter one, only in more detail, there would not be a difference in when things came forth.
The man and woman in chapter one is Jesus Christ and his true Bride.
They (we) are replenishing the earth with children of God, not dust children.


KJV truth
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Wow, that is definitely an interpretation I’ve never heard, and certainly is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


ps.  This is one of my answers on Yahoo. to the question, Why is God so mean?

**********It is God’s MERCY and GOODNESS that he brings the WICKED, murderers, blasphemers, child killers, rapers, etc, to judgment, at times, and stops them. If not, this world would not be a fit place for anyone, no animal, or person. It is just about that way again, now.

See, God created this entire world, universe, space, all animals, people everything is Gods for he created it.
He wanted to give love, joy, peace, to everything and everyone. but no, his son, Adam, became jealous of God, Eze 28, and wanted to be worshiped as God.
So Adam rebelled and set up LAW, ANIMAL SACRIFICES to be offered to Adam, not to god.
Isa 1 and 66, prove that God never at any time wanted or required this.
The world became more and more and more wicked as time went by.
Finally that first world was filled with violence. so God sent a flood and destroyed that entire wicked, violent society, and gave mankind another chance to do it right.

For a while, it went well. But then, they reverted right back to law and violence and murderers, war, raping, blaspheming god etc.

As each nation became unbearably evil, God brought them to judgment, one at a time. when their time for judgment came, God wiped them out and started over.
He has never done this because he is evil or unkind. He does it to stop the evil and violence, as men insist on rebelling against God’s holiness and doing good.

God still wants a world full of love, joy, peace and goodness. But where is it? No. People are bad and evil. They now blame God for this evil. But it is not god’s doing.
God is only wiping out the wicked a few at a time. He promised not to ever do it all at once again.
But it is going on. Praise God for his great mercy, which causes him to finally stop bearing so long with the wicked, violent and wipe them out.

He is going to keep it up until he brings in a world full of people who truly love righteousness, hates iniquity, as Jesus did, and now he has filled some of us with that Holy Spirit, so we also love goodness.

When the time is right, God will finally stop all the wicked and violent folks and those who deny him. He will finally wipe them all out and we will have the world God intended from the start. Just because men are wicked, does not mean god is. It is just that God gave his power to Adam, and it is still there.
Men can be wicked if they choose this. They do, so God has to stop them, or they would destroy all of us.

edit: I thought of something I wish to tell you all: I read a day of so ago, in a news article, where a grown man, was on the side of the road, beating, stomping and kicking a two year old child. It is so horrible, that the child died.
Now, tell me, is God wicked to want to do away with such? How can you reason that way? The world is now filled with those kind of wicked, unmerciful folks. They torture their own children, and God bears with them, giving them time to repent and do right.

How much longer do you all think he should continue to allow the evil in this world, today, before he steps in and stops it? He is the ONLY ONE WHO CAN STOP IT. And yet he waits, hoping some of them will repent and not have to be done away with forever.
He is much more kind and loving than any of us could be. Just hearing about that one instance, made me want to destroy such wicked folks myself.

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  1. This is a question which I just posted on Yahoo.  Can any of you here answer this?**********Did God put Jesus into the mouth of Jesus? Those of you who claim that Jesus is the Word, or God, please answer how God put Jesus into the mouth of Jesus and then Jesus spoke Jesus.Deut 18: 17 And the LORD said unto me, They have well spoken that which they have spoken . 18 I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. 19 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him.If this word is Jesus, then God put Jesus into the mouth of Jesus and then Jesus spoke Jesus. Is this what you all truly believe? Get it straight. The Word is not Jesus. Jesus spoke the word as God gave it to him.


  2. One of my answers to the godhead question, to both trinities and Jesus onlies.Everyone of you teach stuff which is not one time taught by anyone is all of God’s word.  Yet you all think you are right and the other one is wrong.  You are all wrong.Trinity is wrong.  God did not say he was three persons.Jesus-only is wrong.  Jesus did not teach this.  God took on himself human flesh, became incarnate?  Huh?  what verse tells any of you such foolish stuff?  Not one.So sure Jesus and God are one.  WE ARE ALL ONE.   Do the math if you think it is numbers.  How are we all one? None of you can answer this and will deal with it.Flesh prayed to spirit….made up junk.god became incarnate,…more made up junk.God took on himself human flesh.  God in flesh…god robbed himself in human flesh. etc, etc.ALL MADE UP LIES.  Not one single verse of Scripture says such stuff.Not one Apostle taught this stuff.Jesus did not teach it.Now of them taught a trinity or three persons or a god incarnate, or a god in human flesh, or flesh praying to spirit.So face it folks,  NONE OF YOU GET REVELATION FROM GOD OR THE WORD OF GOD.All any of you are doing,and I do mean all of you,is going by some other man’s already made up junk.Seek God while he may be found.  All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire.Beware, you who teach such lies against God’s truth.God is a spirit kingdom.FATHER IS A SPIRIT KINGDOM.  Jesus was made to be one with that Spirit kingdom.  Yet he is still a MAN.Mary did not give birth to any god, or any incarnate god or such stuff.None of you can bring forth one verse saying she did.When Jesus was 8 days old, she took him to the temple to PRESENT HIM TO THE LORD.Was she presenting this baby to himself?  NO A THOUSAND TIMES NO.  The heaven and heaven of heavens CANNOT CONTAIN GOD.  He is innumerable spirit beings!  Now that is taught in Scripture.  ONE BODY, YET MANY MEMBERS.


  3. My answer to what is the CLOUD:The word, CLOUD, has another meaning, other than tiny mists of water in the atmosphere. It actually means a great crowd.Besides that, words in Scripture have a spiritual meaning, not the natural, carnal meaning. Example: sheep, means God’s children.Wheat means the children of the kingdom.River means a nation of people.Mountain means a nation.So,cloud means the great host of God’s people. Heb. 12, we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses.We,are that cloud.Jesus went up into the great crowd of heavenly hosts.He will return with the great crowd of God’s children.It is really quite simple to those who truly wish for truth, instead of to mock the Eternal God.The angels of God surrounded Jesus as he ascended and he vanished from the sight of the apostles, watching.He will come again in like manner, meaning, with all the holy angels, as declared in Matt.He was welcomed by the great heavenly host, as he was taken into the kingdom of God, and set up on the throne of God, there to rule as our Lord and our God.No other human has ever or will ever be given that place of the highest honour.Yet the false claim of Jesus being born here as a god has denied him this true honour and glory from earth’s people. The heavenly host KNOWS the truth of it.His ways and his thoughts are so high above ours, that simple people cannot even begin to comprehend the great God and his Great Word, so they mock it to their own destruction.


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