Eat His Flesh?

Sorry to say, but they have been shot a bunch of lies. When Jesus said eat my flesh and drink my blood, HE DID NOT MEAN HIS HUMAN BODY OR BLOOD.

That is the great error. since the catholic leaders had no spiritual understanding they made up junk that a cracker turns into the literal human body of Jesus. such deception!

but all the other religions fell for the same kind of error..thinking that Jesus meant his human body. Not for one minute. no one can eat his human body or drink his human blood. He did not mean that for one minute. So it is all grave error.

Eucharist is not even mentioned in any Scripture. It is made up stuff.

Everyone who accepts man’s lies, instead of studying and believing the truth of God’s word, is going to lose their souls.

Now, what flesh did Jesus mean? what blood? This same error leads the Jesus-only folks to declare that Jesus was God because it said his blood.

It did not mean human blood. when it said the word became FLESH, everyone accepts the lie that this means Jesus was the word of God, for the Word of God got into Mary’s womb and came out a human being.

shew! such error! So what flesh did Jesus mean for us to EAT? the same flesh which he ATE to have eternal life.
Yes, believe it or not, Jesus ate the very same flesh which I eat. He drank the same blood which he said for me to drink!

The life is in the BLOOD. watch>>> The words THAT I SPEAK ARE SPIRIT…..AND….THEY…ARE….LIFE.


So life is in the blood. Flesh means FOOD. Jesus ate the Word of God for God fed it to him. Deut 18:18.
Jesus ate the Word of God for his eternal life.
He ate the word, for it is DRINK. Drink that Word of life. It is the River of Life. Drink it. 
Jesus said, Come to me and DRINK and out of your belly shall flow RIVERS of living water.

So you can come to ME and drink the very same water/blood that Jesus gave out = the word of God. I am giving it to you right now. eat it.
Take it and eat it and it will be health to your souls.

Eat the Word of God; it is the same food/flesh, that Jesus himself ate…hence, he said my flesh. MY SPIRITUAL FOOD.

Now any of you take God’s word and prove what you teach and try to prove this wrong. IT CANNOT BE DONE. so flee those carnal lies. if you want eternal life…you must EAT THE WORD OF GOD.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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