God Is One

It is truly amazing to see so many blinded to their own words…such as the three…THREE are ONE. Yet they still claim monotheism. If they can see THREE as One, why not millions as one?

I have asked this question hundreds of times, and not yet received one single answer to it. In Gen 6:6, God said, of that entire world full of people…THE PEOPLE IS ONE.

Yet everyone goes to where it says, the Lord our God is one, and they totally think this is two different things. Not so. It is the very same words. The people (that entire world) is ONE.

God is One.
Jesus himself prayed, in John 17, that we ALL MAY BE ONE AS THEY ARE ONE.

I have also asked this hundreds of times, and not one answer…how are we all ONE? Paul said, ye are ALL ONE.

In 1Cor 12, and in Romans 12, Paul showed that as the body is made up of many members, so is Christ, and that Christ is the image of God.

Now that proves that the God kingdom is made up of many members, just as the human kingdom is.

God is ONE…means they are all in perfect harmony, in one mind and one accord, as on the Day of Pentecost….the 120 were in ONE….GET THAT…ONE MIND…AND ONE..ACCORD.

But God is one– means that they are not divided against each other. They are in total agreement and perfect love for each other…there is no jealousy among them…they do not envy each other,…it is perfection, perfect love…which is their intention for us…to bring us to one mind and one accord…no divisions among you.

Yet the church world has no concept of this ONENESS of God. They have invented false doctrines and lies. There is no such thing as trinity, for God is made up of MANY (INNUMERABLE MEMBERS) just as we are.

We are one as they are one. So the teaching of monotheism, as they mean it, is totally wrong. Yet it is a monotheism, in that they are not many different gods, at enmity with each other. It is ONE KINGDOM IN PERFECT LOVE AND HARMONY. It is the most glorious thing anyone can imagine…hence humans cannot imagine it. We are too divided to understand perfect ONENESS; LOVE.

By: Jo Smith Nov 4, 2010

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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