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Well my mind told me to do a search on the word “grace” in my Bible…. And so I am reading scriptures about Grace.  Let us talk about Noah.. If you ask anyone today, who was Noah in the Bible, all would say the man that made the ark and saved the animals.. But guess what? And I just realized this just now. Everyone is missing the most important message about Noah. People do not realize that Noah had found grace in the sight of GOD.

That is the most important message about Noah.. The story about him making the ark during the flood is a way for people to not know what the most important thing was about Noah. How many of the OT people before the flood could say that they found grace in the sight of GOD? Not many? Abraham, Sarah, let us not forget EVE! She is the beginning of GRACE! Many people do not see this either, and me and Freeborn are labeled “lunitics” for saying what we say…So what! It is true, and GOD gave people that truly seek GOD the true message in scriptures…Let me give you some scriptures before I get too far into this…

Genesis 6:8 (KJV)
8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

How did Noah find Grace in God’s sight? Does anyone know? LOL! And all you know is that he built an ark. Do you think that if you build an ark you will find “grace” in GOD’s sight? I bet you do…

So my homework for all people today is go back and read the story of Noah, and come back and tell me how he found Grace in the eyes of GOD. And I bet you it will not be because he built an ark! LOL!

Love always,

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

One thought on “Grace

  1. Good morning, Tweety,As always, You bring forth great studies.  Yes, Grace is the most important and the most misunderstood message in the Word of god.Very few people know what grace means.  They all want to mix it up with LAW.That is the sin of Adam, bringing forth this mixture.   a ‘tree’ of knowing both good and evil.So what is the good?It is Grace.What is the evil?  It is law.Now I can assure you this one will choke almost everyone.  Why?  Because they read that the law was Holy.  Sure.but God hates law.God hates anyone trying to serve him because of a law.So how then is it holy?  well, do not steal.  Isn’t that holy ?  But why would a person who loves everyone as himself, need a LAW saying I command you not to steal? That person is not going to steal for he has love in his heart and is not a thief.Now that is grace.That is what God loves…for us to serve Him because we LOVE HIM.We love his truth.  Jesus Christ brought us Grace and truth.  They go together.So if one finds Grace in the eyes of the Lord, they know and love Jesus Christ and the truth he taught.Not, do not steal…but be holy as he is holy.not stone her to death…but forgive her and sin no more.There you have it.Eve repented of having let Adam lead her astray.  She was not the sinner, for she thought it was the will of the Lord.Adam said, kill that animal and sacrifice it to me.I am God.Well, Eve soon found out this was not right.  So she then  lived in grace and was persecuted badly.  Her holy son, Abel was murdered because he also refused that law message and lived in love and grace.


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