How Many?

Date Posted:08/11/2010 8:04 PM

You all, trinities and JW and Jesus-onlies, all do greatly ERR, not knowing the truth of God or his word.
Where did any of you get the idea that God is just 3, or just 1?
What makes any of you think that you can NUMBER God?

What makes any of you think that the God kingdom is anything LESS than the HUMAN kingdom, which this God created?
How you all do belittle the great God by thinking that your tiny finite mind has God figured out, and counted.

You JWs deceive yourselves into thinking that you have it down right…that you love and obey Jehovah, while totally ignoring his own word and command, in Heb 1, to WORSHIP HIS SON> and that this great God, called his Son, GOD.

Why do you ignore Heb one? Can’t deal with it? And why does the Jesus only folks also ignore this, seeing that the Son had to be designated to be God, by his Father, whom he said, in John 17, is the only true God?

And why does trinity folks ignore the fact that Jesus said, I do only what my Father tells me to do, for my Father is greater than I….thus destroying the false idea that they are two equal parts of god?

See, none of this is right. You all need to stop listening to man, and get into the Holy Word of God, only, and study and pray and seek to know God’s truth.

You cannot measure or count the eternal God. It is foolishness to try.

How does husband and wife become ONE….? ONE FLESH? they are just one? any of you know?
The people before the dispersion at the tower of Babel, were all ONE. I mean all of them…Gen 11…the people IS ONE.

Now some of you explain this to us.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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